cartoon life: 8 Panels again

Better pictures. Better white balance, though there’s just a bit too much colour  in some of the white areas. But, I paint in the basement, and these are the first time I’ve seen them outside in proper light. If you’ve seen the landscape collages, the major forms are recycled from cropped clips used in some ...

cartoon life: 8 white paintings

I’ve been engaged in a protracted push, pull, following, yielding, gouging, scraping, sanding, layering since the last post and now these 8 panels are done. All are 24 by 38 inches acrylic on masonite. Filed under: cartoonist, painting Tagged: acrylic, art, landscape, masonite, painting, seascape, water, white, wind

cartoon life: Buddha painting in progress III

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cartoon life: Six sixteen by twenty

The six paintings are done, except for the tedious last glaze layer and painting the edges. Filed under: art, comment, painting Tagged: acrylic, canvas, cloud, landscapes, orange, red, white, wind, yellow

cartoon life: Six clouds in progress 4

I think these are as done as I can make them.   Filed under: art, painting Tagged: acrylic, art, canvas, cloud, orange, painting, red, white, wind, yellow

cartoon life: Blogsy experiment

So, I bought Blogsy from the app store and it turns out to be really nice. Easier to use than the WordPress app. And it seems to deal with images in posts more easily. Anyway I dragged in an image from the sidebar off of the Picasa bar. It doesn’t show here. Somewhat up with ...

cartoon life: Wind in clouds again

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