A. Picazo: She’s someone.

For the Ottawa Citizen on October 12, 2017 In the wake of allegations swirling around Harvey Weinstein, a powerful, dominant figure in Hollywood, where the emerging picture suggests decades of sexual predation, many women are finding their voice in this rare window for candid dialogue and raw confession. The response

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Things Are Good: Hitting Children Doesn’t Help

We now have solid evidence that spanking is more harmful than good for children. In the largest study of its kind researches have found that children who were spanked displayed more adverse socialization than others. They also conclude that spanking does not improve the behaviour of children when they are hit or afterwards. Spanking is […]

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The Canadian Progressive: Harper and RCMP comments ignore Aboriginal victims’ fear of reprisal: Human Rights Watch

Ensure Accountability for Police Misconduct, Indigenous Women’s Safety By Human Rights Watch (Press Release)| Feb. 13, 2013: VANCOUVER – Comments by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RMCP) on February 14, 2013, fail to address the core issue of a lack of security that prevents indigenous women and girls from

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