BigCityLib Strikes Back: Andrea Horwath Will Scream Coverup

…but not bring down the OLP government over the discovery of more gas-plant cancellation related docs, because, she claims, she’s so damn straight.  Her party has also fallen into 3rd place in the polls. Make of all this what you will.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Still Betting Against A Spring Election

The Tories came in with 33% support of decided voters while NDP’s attracted 31% and the Liberal’s 30%. The poll of 1,020 people — conducted Feb. 6-8 — found 16% of respondents were undecided. I can’t see anyone wanting to jump with these numbers.  Muddle along, OLP, and pray for 3% growth. PS.  There’s this ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Cancel That Ontario Spring Election?

Somewhere in Liberal Land someone is thinking–its only Tim Hudak.  And I bet Andrea Horwath’s recent comments about avoiding an early election are the result of looking at similar polls.  Pick the right gal to lead the OLP and this province could see a couple of fruitful years of minority government.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Go For It

The next premier of Ontario will almost certainly face a spring election. I like elections.  In fact I don’t think we have enough of them.  In fact between elections I like to organize “pick up” elections with my fellow bloggers to pass time until the real ones.  In any case, between now and the Spring ...