John Laforet - President - Wind Concerns Ontario: The Chronicle Journal: It’s Not Over Yet In Thunder Bay

Brandon Walker Tuesday, April 5, 2011 – 08:00 “Houses in South Neebing — going cheap,” Anna Marchese said Monday evening while leaving city hall moments after Thunder Bay council approved an agreement with Horizon Wind to avoid a $126-million lawsuit. Marchese was one of several people who confronted councillors after the meeting to express their […]

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John Laforet - President - Wind Concerns Ontario: Thunder Bay NewsWatch: Compromise with Horizon Wind Inc. Approved

By Jamie Smith, By a majority decision, councillors Monday night avoided a multimillion dollar lawsuit by voting for a compromise with a wind developer. Councillors voted 8-4 in favour of a compromise with Horizon Wind Inc., effectively ending the $126 million lawsuit the company levied against the city. The vote followed seven deputations during […]

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John Laforet - President - Wind Concerns Ontario: The Giant CKTG 105.3 Thunder Bay: WCO Pays Visit to Council

 The leader of an anti-wind farm group wants City Council to change some of the clauses found in the proposed settlement with Horizon Wind.  John Laforet is the President of Wind Concerns Ontario and says council should hold off on voting on the settlement that would kill the 126 million dollar lawsuit.  Laforet thinks council needs to maintain control of the Loch […]

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The Debate Debate: Will Harper or Ignatieff Now Play the Democracy Card?

Editorial – John Deverell, Catch 22 team


Elizabeth May, whose Green Party attracts nearly one million votes, is not legally entitled to appear in the televised leaders debate.  The federal court couldn’t invent such a law, and Parliament has never offered one.

OTTAWA — A federal appeal court judge has dismissed the Green party’s attempts to quickly hear legal arguments over the party’s participation in the televised…

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Help us Defeat Harper!

Catch 22 Campaign needs your support

Defeating Harper the same as a vote to Save the CBC


Dear Catch 22 Supporters,

For those of you living in Catch 22 ridings, how you vote on May 2nd could very well help decide whether or not the CBC will be ransacked and handed over to Stephen Harper’s adoring friends in…

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