The prediction comes true…

Former Collingwood mayor Chris Carrier turned out to be very prescient in his speech to Conservatives last month: the Wasaga Sun story claiming Kellie Leitch had sent out a “forged” endorsement letter by Warden and Beach mayor Cal Patterson would be in every mailbox in Simcoe-Grey, he warned. Sure enough, Carrier was correct, as on […]

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NDP Surge

The NDP vote is surging, especially in Quebec where all the other parties are losing support to the NDP, particularly the Bloc. The NDP is clearly ahead of both of the other federalist parties in Quebec and depending on what poll you look at they are either just behind or

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Chronicles of a Pure Laine: Ethnic backlash

Anyone not familiar with Jacques Parizeau’s infamous statement about the ethnic vote in 1995 is new to Canadian politics: "True, we’ve been defeated… at the very heart of it, by what? By money… and ethnic votes… essentially."

This morning’s Globe and Mail publishes an interesting analysis on how the ethnic vote is being considered in the current election campaign: "In the eyes of the ma…

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