Kenn Chaplin Oct 26, 1959 – Aug 8, 2022

Just writing to all of you to inform you of the passing of and to say goodbye to one of my past Progressive Blogger members, and political activist Kenn Chaplin; he passed away a couple of days ago. He wrote a blog called “My Journey With AIDS” a while back, where he wrote a lot about his battle with that disease, as well as his political thoughts (he was a New Democrat Party supporter, as I recall).

It was not AIDS that caused his passing; he was diagnosed with terminal duct bile cancer a few weeks ago. He had made the decision to leave this world via MAID on Aug 31, but the disease rapidly progressed. Thankfully, it appears he passed away peacefully a couple of days ago and did not linger.

My condolences to his family and friends

RIP Kenn Chaplin