New blog affiliate from an old blogging alumnus.

Cam Holmstrom has started a new blog: some of you vets may remember his blog “Peterborough Politics”. He is back to blogging at his new blog “Magpie Brule” .

He describes it as “a politics and current events blog, focusing on Canada and the issues of the day..the name “Magpie Brûlé” is an amalgam of two terms; “Magpie” come from the Newcastle United Football Team in England, known as the Magpies, Cam’s favourite football team while “Brûlé” comes from the term “Bois Brûlé”, which was a name associated with Métis from Red River. Put together, they speak to the spirit of this blog; being proud of to be who we are and where we come from, while embracing the new on our own terms.”

I have always said with rare exceptions that any alumni that restart their blogging at their old blog or at a new one are always welcome back;l so I am happy to welcome Cam back from “Blogger Alummus” status to “Current Active blogger”