Apologies for being away a week (or 2)

As you might have seen the past 10 days – 2 weeks , our site was not updating blogposts from our affiliates’ feeds. Basically, the database went screwy… we suspect the server was compromised, and out of an abundance of caution we were working to rebuild and restore, ensuring none of the backups were affected.

This work was necessary to ensure the rebuilt server was properly secured. We needed to be sure no ‘worms’ persisted when rebuilding it. Plus, we are volunteers here, and we were not able to work on this 24 hrs a day.. my webmaster Chris wasn’t even able put 8 hrs a day on it.

Regardless.. we are back up now. Thank you for your patience.,.. and thanks to Chris Slothouber, my webmaster, for finally repairing the damage and securing the site.

Scott Tribe – Administrator,
Progressive Bloggers.