Progressive Bloggers Meetup

I’d like to thank all of those bloggers and guests who were able to attend on Saturday, October 15th. Unfortunately, the “Occupy Toronto” march fouled some of those trying to take public transit to our spot and couldn’t get there. Rather unfortunate. However, those who did make it seemed to have a good time. We’ll hopefully not have a major protest on the same day of our gathering next time we have a meet-up 🙂 We have some pictures of the Occupy Toronto “pre-protest” that a few of us took while we were in the area killing time, as well as of the event, as well as meeting up some bloggers who couldn’t make it to the main event but meet up with me at Union.

I’d like to thank Kathryn Ashby of Cafe Du Lac for hosting us om her normally closed part of the weekend. Amazing food and a good time.

Scott sitting with Jamie Callingham of Confessions of A Liberal Mind
Scott at Union Station with MJ Murphy of BigCityLib Strikes Back
Scott and Joseph Krengel of The Wandering Jew - trying to stay inconspicuous at the Occupy Toronto warmup rally
Scott with Matt Guerin of Queer Liberal


UPDATE: Another photo, courtesy of Joseph Krengel

Scott with Ricky Barnes of Queer Thoughts at the Occupy Toronto warmup.