Flood Compensation

We know that without reducing the amount of water flowing through the Assinniboine River, the river would have breached the banks between Elie and Winnipeg causing uncontrolled flooding.  Flooding that would wipe out about 850 homes and flood the area that is currently being flooded by cut at the Hoop and Holler bend.

We also know that this type of flooding is a once in a 300 year event.

Additionally, we know that when it comes to making the tough decision, Greg Selinger has the cahonies and integrity to consider the options, examine and weight the facts, and then make the best decision with all interests in mind.

Finally, we also know that the government of Manitoba has committed to compensating those who are flooded because of this.

I must say that I saddened by the news as reported by CKY News at six tonight.

They had pictures of the people who work for this poor farmer driving their tractor up and down the fields, with the voice over asking, “In the middle of this flood zone, this not what you would expect to see, workers sowing acres of farmland, seeding crops that may never be harvested, Ed Connery says it’s a chance…” wait! what?

Ed Connery.

Ed Connery, owner of  of Riverdale Farms.

Ed Connery, Conservative MLA and Cabinet Minister for the Filmon government.


Well I thought, maybe they’ll get to that.

Maybe CKY will let their viewers know that they are interviewing one of the most partisian of partisian Tories evar!


Ed goes on and on about how if he doesn’t sow and it doesn’t flood, will they compensate him;  if he sows and it floods, are they going to say he was stupid and shouldn’t be compensated?

This is the lead item on the newscast mind you, and they introduced with a dramatic, near breathless announcement that it’s been three whole days since the cut.  Wow.  Three days and those lazy no-good-for-nuthin-socialists haven’t started cutting cheques yet.


Ed. Gord. Carolyn. Maralea.

Yes there are some important details to be worked out and I can sympathize with the Honourable Member from Portage la Prairie; but, at least this government has committed to compensation above and beyond what would otherwise be forthcoming.

The operative word there is “committed”.  Unlike the Conservative Primer Minister Stephen Harper who so far will only “consider” additional compensation.

Where”s Candace Heopnner?  The Conservative MP for the area?

Is she on the phone to Sir Stephen getting a “commitment” for adequate compensation?  Is she pressing Sir Stephen for additional compensation?

Ed goes on about wanting his millions….literally, I am not exagerating here, “Ed Connery say’s it will take millions to make up for a lost season……”

The Premier has commited to the compensation of losses, including income! 

The Conservative Primer Minster though, he will _consider_ extra compensation for this poor old ex-Conservative Cabinet Minister.

BTW.  Where’ Colin Craig of the Canadian alleged taxpayers Federation on this.  I mean, doesn’t Ed also get one of those rich fat-cat politician pensions?

No matter.

Where’s the Conservative MP Candace Hopenner on this?


Where’s’ Hughie?

Would Hughie have made the tough choice?

Would Hughie have made the right choice?

Would Hughie _commit_ to extraordinary compensation, or would Hughie merely _consider_ it?

Or would Hughie just rolled the dice and let the whole area flood?

I’d sure like someone to pin Mr. McFayden down on this.

Or, at least ask where Candace Hoepnner is and why Stephen Harper won’t commit.



So they go through the whole item without asking where’s Hughie?  where’s Candace?  where’s Sir Stephen?

Fine.  It’s their dog and pony show.

What’s really unprofessional though is that at no point in the piece did they once, not once mention that Ed Connery was elected as a Conservative MLA for Portage la Priaire in 1986.  Or that Ed was appointed to Filmon’s Conservative Cabinet in 1988.  

I demand compensation for reckless reporting.