Harris-Decima poll: NDP humbling Tories across the country, Liberals on top in Ontario…

Nanos’s daily polls this campaign have been always interesting and entertaining, but they seem to have caught on to the NDP wave in Quebec a bit late. Their regional swings defy gravity. Although I will say their leadership measurement has been fascinating and has correctly caught Jack Layton’s meteoric rise.

I trust Harris-Decima polls the most. Their numbers have always stacked up and rang true for me. I’m glad to see them confirming the trends picked up by other pollsters.

That’s why today’s numbers from Harris-Decima confirming the NDP is five points behind the Conservatives and closing, with the Liberals still very much in the game in Ontario, have truly cheered me up. It looks like the Conservatives will only win a minority, thank God. In fact, it could be a squeaker of a win over the surging NDP. I can see the Tories winning by less than 10 seats.

I have to confess I’m supremely tempted to vote for Andrew Cash in Davenport, but my longstanding affection for the Grits will likely win the day for me on May 2nd.