anti-union satire makes me less of a moderate?

I would expect that most politically minded readers (of all political stripes) could tell the difference between satirical humour and me being a “fascist” seriously wanting to start military coups on a municipal level.Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Fellow blogger Kirbycairo described me as being irrational and a”wacko”. To my defence, how does being critical of organized-labour make me any less of a moderate ? There are many so called blue-Liberals/red-Tories who feel that the effectiveness of organized labour has had its day. What makes the Liberal Party so appealing to so many Canadians across this great country is its big-tent nature. We have members who are on the political left and those on the political right. Why is it so surprising that politically moderate individuals, like myself, have opinons that lie on both sides of the political spectrum?If me showing my disdain toward the inaction of Mayor Miller is considered “undemocratic”, as Kirbycairo put it, then I don’t know what democracy is.