Montreal Simon: Will the Turkey Senate Delay the Legalization of Marijuana?

As you may know I lost my respect for the Senate long ago, during the days when Stephen Harper ruled the roost.And those stuffed turkeys couldn't kiss his ass enough.And although Justin Trudeau allowed them to become independent, they're still gobbling like crazy.And the ghosts of Harper past still haunt the place.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Andrew Scheer and His Cons Have No Future

Ever since Andrew Scheer was chosen as the new leader of the Harper Party, I've been trying to explain to the few Cons I know, that they've made a terrible mistake. Trying to explain that by choosing a religious fanatic who would criminalize women, marginalize gays, and ignore climate change, they haven't just lost the next ...

Montreal Simon: Jeremy Corbyn Goes To Glastonbury

It was quite a sight.  Jeremy Corbyn, the much mocked Labour leader, addressing a massive crowd at the Glastonbury music festival.And getting a rapturous reception.Calling on young people to rise up, and send a message to Donald Trump.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jeremy Corbyn and the Politics of Hope

I must admit I'm still enjoying the aftermath of the British election.Seeing the Cons and their media stooges trying to explain why Jeremy Corbyn is so popular with young people.After all the Corbyn haters did to try to destroy him.And failing in an epic manner, even though the answer is so simple.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Theresa May and the Amazing Campaign of Jeremy Corbyn

When Theresa May called a snap election, I'm pretty sure she was confident her Cons would be able to destroy Jeremy Corbyn. Her campaign manager Lynton Crosby, the malignant Aussie known as the Wizard or Lizard of Oz, must have had her dreaming of making meat pies out of the mild-mannered Labour Party leader. And no doubt also reminding ...

Montreal Simon: How Justin Trudeau Is Winning the Battle For The Future

Well there he was yesterday, marching in Montreal's gay pride parade, just like he did in Toronto and Vancouver.And no doubt winning tens of thousands of new supporters.But what's just as significant is the way Trudeau is going after the votes of young Canadians. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Donald Trump and the Monstrous War on Children

With every day that passes Donald Trump looks more like a loser, and less like the next American president.As he now spends most of his time blaming the media for his sagging polls.  As only a loser could.But tragically even when he does go down in flames, his monstrous legacy will almost certainly live on. ...

Montreal Simon: Will the Brexit Referendum Lead to a Generational War?

As you know I was not happy with result of the so-called Brexit referendumI thought it was a reckless move, that amounted to throwing out the baby, and the future, with the bath water.I hate the way it has triggered an explosion of racism.And I also hate the way it has driven a wedge between the young ... – Alberta Politics: How Young Voters are accessing information about elections, from the National Youth Voter Survey

“Young people don’t vote,” is a common refrain heard in Canadian politics and until recently, low voter turnout by younger voters supported that claim. The recently released National Youth Voter Survey conducted by Elections Canada following the 2015 federal elections suggests that… Continue Reading →

Montreal Simon: The Amazing Youth Vote and How the Con Media Got It Wrong

About a year before the last election I decided the most useful thing I could do was to try to get as many young Canadians to vote as I could.So together with many other people and organizations all over the country, I set out to convince them that if they didn't vote our country might ...

Montreal Simon: Justin Trudeau, Young Canadians, and the Last Election

During the last election campaign I spent most of my free time trying to encourage young Canadians to vote.As did a lot of other people and groups all over the country.I got the feeling that more of them would vote than had voted in other elections. But I couldn't be sure.That is until yesterday.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Could the Great Con War on Marijuana Be About To Backfire Badly?

I don't know if you've noticed, but Rona Ambrose has recently stepped up the Great Con War on Marijuana.By rerunning that old anti-marijuana ad, the one with dirty glass tubing representing the human brain on drugs.And sticking us with the bummer bill. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Heroic Vote of the Long Suffering Greek People

For years they have had to endure the pain of austerity. Look on helplessly as their jobs disappeared, and their pensions shrank.But still the cruel and greedy banksters wanted to impose even more austerity upon them. And humiliate them further for daring to elect a left-wing government.But today the Greek people finally rose up and said ...

Montreal Simon: The Irish Referendum and the Lessons for Canadian Progressives

Now that the referendum in Ireland is over, and the great battle won, I want to tell you about something I learned from that campaign, that I believe can help progressives win the next election.And that is the way the Yes side motivated and mobilized young voters.And how they used social media to maximum effect ...

Montreal Simon: How Progressives Can Engage Young Canadians in the Election Campaign

When Joe Oliver made his outrageous statement about leaving Harper's granddaughter's generation to pay for the Con's revenue killing tax policies, he only said it because he thought he could get away with it.Because he knows, like we all do, that a lot of young Canadians don't bother to vote.And it is fashionable in this ...

Montreal Simon: Springtime in Harperland and the Battle to Take Canada Back

Well Spring has finally arrived in the little corner of Canada where I live. The hockey goals have been fished out of the once frozen canal where they sank after the ice melted.And biking season is here at last… Which would be perfect if I didn't live in Harperland, where winter never really ends.And you can ...

Montreal Simon: Why Young Canadians Can Help Build a Better Canada

As you probably know, I believe that one of the most important things progressives must do is reach out to young Canadians and encourage them to vote.Not just because if they did vote in greater numbers we could crush the ghastly Cons who are destroying our country and torching their future.But also because they could ...

Montreal Simon: How To Motivate Young Canadians to Vote (Part Two)

Last week I wrote a post looking at how important it is to get more young Canadians to vote in the next election.Because if more of them do vote, we will almost surely defeat Stephen Harper. I said that if you want them to cast a ballot, first you must move them with a vision of ...

Susan on the Soapbox: Advice from the “Old White Guys”: Alberta Progressives Listen Up!

The Republicans may hold the secret to the progressives’ return to power…yes, seriously! Let’s start at the beginning… Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson in their glib little book The Big Shift argue that Western Canada, particularly Alberta, is responsible for the tsunami of support that carried Stephen Harper to victory on May 2, 2011. To ...