LeDaro: Remembrance Day and World Peace

World needs peace and not wars.

LeDaro: Will U.S. attack on Syria lead to a much bigger war?

Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi had no friends. However, in the case of Assad he has close ties with Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon. After W. Bush installed Shiite government in Iraq it brought Iran and Iraq closer. Will Iraq take Assad’s side and go with him? Then there are the big players like Russia and China ...

LeDaro: Israel and Peace in the Middle East

What is the biggest threat to stability and peace in the Middle East? It is not Iran, Iraq, or Syria… it’s Israel. The government of Israel – especially prime ministers like Netanyahu – are a de-stabilizing force in the region. The hard line policies of those like Netanyahu drive open the divisions between the West ...

350 or bust: God Bless Us, Everyone

Bill Maher’s  2001 Christmas message is just as timely and wise now as it was 11 years ago. For the second year in a row, I will allow Maher, an agnostic who is highly critical of organized religion, to have the last word on Christmas Day here on 350orbust.

LeDaro: Israel acquired Air-bases in Azerbaijan to attack Iran?

If the story is true and Israel does carry out air strikes against Iran then the world is up for a big catastrophe. US and other major forces such as Russia could get involved and if any party uses a nuclear weapon then watch. Israel is becoming a bigger and bigger rouge state under Netan-yahoo. ...