Dead Wild Roses: Why You Can’t Be Racist Toward White People

Melissa Fong: Adam Faulkner’s, “The Whitest Thing”

I’m so in love with this poem that I want to marry it. You can read a bunch of stuff on Whiteness and even some really simple consumable stuff by […]

Melissa Fong: Black boys deserve our tears: On White privilege & police brutality

Sometimes I cry when reading the news. I cry because so many horrendous things happen to people and I can’t possibly understand why this world is SUCH a horrible place. There are countless stories about the negative stereotypes and police brutality that Black men must endure… but this really broke my heart: “I blame myself, ...

Melissa Fong: “De-racialisation surgery” and White Privilege

Every now and then there is something so ridiculously ignorant that I HAVE to write a post about it rather than confine it to a “WHAT THE EFF”-post on Facebook […]

bastard.logic: Today In The Annals of Stupid Backlash Tricks

Flash: Aggrieved Daily Caller Ex-College Republican thumbsucker (is there any other kind?) has a megasad cuz his bike was stolen (if stats hold true, by a blackity-blackblack black kid!), causing him to boldly and ham-fistedly declare: “I am Derbyshire! (Burp.)” Roy Edroso: Judge must be over 30 by now, but apparently he’s never been robbed ...

Dead Wild Roses: Tim Wise on Racism

A great Gumbo story oh, and an interesting lecture to boot. Oh and epic quote of the day – “Responsibility is what you take because of who you are.” Filed under: Ethics, Racism Tagged: Racism, Tim Wise, White Privilege