PostArctica: Grimskunk at Verdun Art

Yesterday was the now annual event on Wellington street called Verdun Art organized by Nadia Gagnon of Maltehops. And it was nothing less than an awesome day of music on the street. There were 5 musical groups and the Girardin family and friends put on a drumming concert from their balcony. Little girl lets the ...

PostArctica: 10th Anniversary

Yep, 10 years here on Word Press as of yesterday. I sure got to meet a lot of really cool and interesting people because of this blog. I have been relatively quiet in the last 4 years or so basically taking the lazy route in my war on stephen harper by becoming a Facebook junkie. ...

PostArctica: Casseroles Tonight

Every Thursday night at 7, Casseroles in front of the church. Small but fun crowd tonight, hope to see you there soon!!

PostArctica: Fake Owl Watching Happy Little Cloud Evaporate

PostArctica: Disgraceful Street Work In Verdun

For many, many years one of the most common pedestrian complaints on Wellington street has been the less than ideal condition of the granite tiles that run up the center of the sidewalks. People have tripped and fallen from getting a foot stuck on an uprooted tile or one that has sank or is to ...

PostArctica: Sidewalk Sale, August, 2014

Some images from the sidewalk sale in Verdun that took place from Thursday to Sunday last week.

PostArctica: Sidewalk Sale

A few from over the weekend in Verdun.

PostArctica: Sidewalk Sale

A few from over the weekend in Verdun.