Alberta Politics: UCP leader demands by-election he likely doesn’t want; premier, presumably anxious to tie him down in House, is silent

PHOTOS: Jason Nixon, the UCP’s new House Leader. (Photo: Dave Cournoyer, Below: Alberta NDP Premier Rachel Notley, seatless UCP Leader Jason Kenney, former Wildrose leader Brian Jean in happier times, Deputy Premier Sarah Hoffman, Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan, and Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark. Happy Halloween! Nothing is

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TweetAn amendment proposed to the constitution of the Progressive Conservative Party by party supporters in Calgary-Glenmore would remove the automatic invitation and voting privileges of federal Conservative Party Members of Parliament at PC Party annual general meetings. The explanation for the proposed amendment was listed in documents circulated by the PC

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David Climenhaga's Alberta Diary: Cold cash enforces Wildrose’s Oilfields Omerta – but not well enough, apparently

Shhhhhhh! The Wildrose campaign team reminds unsuccessful nomination seekers of the Manyberries Mafia’s Code of Silence. Vitor Marciano and Tom Flanagan may not be exactly as illustrated. Below: The real Mr. Marciano, Pastor Allan Hunsperger. Every Wildrose Party news release ends with the following words: “Wildrose stands for free enterprise,

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David Climenhaga's Alberta Diary: The Harper-Wildrose alliance: the elephant in Alberta’s conservative room

Stephen Harper and Danielle Smith discuss their infernal electoral machine as the elephant in the room looks on. Loony-right-wing Alberta politicians may not be exactly as illustrated. Below: Wildrose-Harpercon crossovers Tom Flanagan, Vitor Marciano and Ryan Hastman. There’s an elephant in the room whenever Albertans of a conservative political bent

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Ian Urquhart for Senate Bringing some political diversity to the race, University of Alberta Political Science Professor Ian Urquhart has announced that he will run as an Independent candidate in the upcoming Senator-in-Waiting election. Active with the Alberta Wilderness Association, Dr. Urquhart is the first openly centre-left candidate to join the contest. His candidacy gives

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