Song of the Watermelon: Vancouver By-Election Endorsements

Just in case anyone is wondering how I will vote in this Saturday’s Vancouver municipal by-election, here’s the plan: City Council: Pete Fry (Green Party) School Board: Judy Zaichkowsky (Green Party) Allan Wong (Vision Vancouver) Mike Lombardi (Vision Vancouver) Erica Jaaf (OneCity) Estrellita Gonzalez (Green Party) Janet Fraser (Green Party) Diana Day (COPE) Carrie Bercic ...

Politics, Re-Spun: No, BC Actually Mentored Saskatchewan’s Poor-Bashing

Despite being Metro News, Emily Jackson’s great piece yesterday [below] about how brutally cruel the Saskatchewan government is should make us mindful of a number of issues. Not the least of which is that the neoliberal Saskatchewan Party has been photocopying many of the worst of BC’s regressive and anti-social policies. That makes the BC ...

Alberta Politics: The Annals of Government Relations: B.C. lobbyists with faint Dipper links keep turning up in Alberta

PHOTOS: A line of “government relations” specialists with packs full of resumes mentioning past NDP connections make their way over a mountain pass from British Columbia into Alberta. Actual lineups of B.C.-based lobbyists may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: Brad Zubyk, principal of Vancouver-based Wazuku Advisory Group, which is about to set up shop ...

Song of the Watermelon: An Open Letter to Janet Fraser

Dear Janet Fraser, First of all, let me start by congratulating you on your school board election victory this past Saturday. I voted for you enthusiastically, as I did your running mate Mischa Oak and the rest of the Green Party team on the city council and park board slates. It is truly gratifying to ...

Song of the Watermelon: Some Thoughts on the Vancouver Election … Plus Endorsements!

With a week and a half to go before voting day in municipalities across British Columbia, the campaign here in Vancouver seems to have devolved into a veritable hatefest against two-term mayor and eccentric juice magnate Gregor Robertson. There is nothing surprising about that. Incumbents (a.k.a. the sinister hands currently at the controls of Big ...

Melissa Fong: Activist Killjoy: Vancouver Arts is getting pennies from Developer CACs

I know everyone in the arts community is celebrating this news: City hall is bringing some relief to Vancouver’s embattled arts community, which has for years complained about a lack […]


Read Part 1 here I just wanted to update you with this thread of articles that are very illuminating- Please add your thoughts to this conversation- Some of the conversation […]

Melissa Fong: Pointing fingers at Vancouver’s unaffordability problem: Answers & more questions…

Ever since my last post I have received a lot of questions as to why I found it so entertaining- the debate. I was also contacted by dozens- yes, dozens- […]

Melissa Fong: Vancouver “Foreign Buyers”- driving speculation & unaffordability?

I think I discovered the most amazing conversation on Facebook and YOU have to contribute to this debate.  I have thought about this for a long time (thanks to AY […]

Melissa Fong: @VisionVancouver #AffordableHousing Forum Event Summary #vanRE #vanpoli #vanhousing

LiveTweet Summary of Vision Vancouver’s Affordable Housing event.  Check @internationalmf’s hashtags: #vanRE #vanpoli for more. I will do more analysis on the Vision Vancouver event, but just some general highlights and […]

Melissa Fong: Why focus criticism on Vision Vancouver?

  1 ICYMI: Why focus criticism on @VisionVancouver, as non-partisan? I ≠ reporter. I'm an academic. I interrogate power. VV has it. #vanpoli— Melissa Fong (@internationalmf) May 08, 2014 2 […]

Melissa Fong: Vision Vancouver creating false dilemma of Left vs Right

Let me talk to you about Vision Vancouver (for the umpteenth time)… I am just incredibly surprised with how slick they have become.  As I told you yesterday- they have […]

Melissa Fong: Encounters with Vision Vancouver members: On democracy and stymied progressive politics

For every piece of hate mail I get ten more messages that are just too positive or too funny to ignore. I met up with this particular person who started […]

Melissa Fong: #VanCulturalSpaces @VisionVancouver event summary: “Protecting Vancouver’s Cultural Spaces: How we can preserve culture in a growing city”

I Live Tweeted the Vision Vancouver-sponsored event  “Protecting Vancouver’s Cultural Spaces: How we can preserve culture in a growing city”- You can search the hashtag #VanCulturalSpaces for related tweets on the event. It […]

Melissa Fong: @VisionVancouver @MayorGregor Manifesto #YVR #Homelessness

Vision Vancouver Manifesto? 1 Promise to end homelessness 2 Pass inadequate #DTESLAP 3 Ballem report worst AFTER ppl pleaded to stop gentrification 4 Gregor blames Prov — Melissa Fong (@internationalmf) […]

Melissa Fong: Once upon a time, there was a Vancouver Mayor who promised he’d end homelessness…

Once upon a time… There was a handsome young prince named Gregor Angus Bethune Robertson.  He was a much envied prince. He represented his fiefdom, Vancouver-Fairview, for years before he, […]

Melissa Fong: DTES Local Area Plan- Speaker #5, on Amendments

We need to respect the experiential knowledge of DTES residents that understand how the plan violates their security. Not fundamentally opposed to Vision- but you have to realize reality. If you insist on the ideology of “social mix” you also have to set up the circumstances for dignity of all people- not just a veil. ...

Melissa Fong: Downtown Eastside Local Area Plan- Summary

Like last time, I did some LiveTweeting of the evening- My strategy is to summarize the main point of all the voices; add in my OWN commentary (I can be […]

Melissa Fong: Vancouver developers- Gillespie, DTES & other thoughts on financial reform, Vision Vancouver

…. They WILL earn a profit because it is Vancouver. Gillespie knows that encroaching on DTES is best odds at this point in Vancouver’s real estate. Largest “rent-gap”/ current to potential price in the city- and he’s always known that so he’s more bold, perhaps than others, to make that happen. I know a lot ...

Melissa Fong: #25KLunch WINNERS Announced! Who said there’s no free lunch?

Other than the fact that I should win the best prize for dragging out a meme that would have otherwise had the life-span of a fruit fly… I’ve got some […]

Melissa Fong: Top 25 of #25KLunch Meme Finalists Announced!

  Okay, folks! The moment has come to see your Top 25 Finalists for the #25KLunch meme competition!  I can’t even tell you how many messages I’ve received telling me […]

Melissa Fong: Financial reform: Taking responsibility as public servants and otherwise…

Facts: I don’t hate Vision Vancouver.  I’m indifferent to the overall career of Gregor Robertson.  I actually like Andrea Reimer, from what I know of her.  (Confession: I really like […]

Melissa Fong: Admitting to not knowing until it was too late: The DTES Local Area Plan implications

…I admit that I didn’t know how REAL it was until the 3 days came to an end and even after it passed…. After that the reality sunk in, I got more and more angry as I realized the implications of the plan. The fact is that poor people LIVE this. This is their reality. ...

Melissa Fong: #25kLunch Meme Competition Update #1

The #25KLunch meme has received more press than I would have ever imagined! Amazing what a group of really dedicated “mockticians” can do to bring the issues out there. #25KLunch […]

Melissa Fong: Vancouver Downtown Eastside Local Area Plan- Speaker #55

…when you have an extensive plan that guarantees redevelopment and insertion of new and desirable market rate housing, you are planning the upclassing of a neighbourhood. The DTES has staved off gentrification forces as much as it has because it is has been safeguarded for the poor. The redevelopment of Hastings East might as well ...