Eclectic Lip: Software updates are flu shots

A nice metaphor for software updates. Flu shots attempt to immunize people from the influenza virus, by exposing their immune systems to small doses of weakened or dead virus molecules. The idea is that this gives the immune system a “practise run” with a less-dangerous version of the influenza virus the patient might run into, ...

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: Clown Apocalypse: The Sexy Cataclysm

The Clown Apocalypse was not universally grim, unless you were coulrophobe with a debilitating fear of clowns. Apart from the moments of hilarity you’d sometimes get when you saw someone who was previously uncoordinated juggling while riding a unicycle, or … Continue reading →

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Canadians could lose web access due to FBI shutdown

The FBI is expected to shut down temporary servers today to stop DNS changer malware allegedly causing havoc on the Internet. Your machine could be one of the 9,000 Canadian computers in the line of fire. If it’s affected, that is. Affected computers will lose access to essential Internet services. Queen’s University associate professor Thomas Dean ... Spam and philosophy

This morning, while I was out for a walk, my computer was sending spam to everybody I’ve ever corresponded with. I’m sorry if my computer spammed you. I thought Macs were above that sort of thing. I’ve been sending email for 23 years now, and this is a first for me. I’ve always wondered why ...