My journey with AIDS…and more!: Medical update: It’s all good

While showing me a graph, with the trajectory of my health over the past few months, my endocrinologist  remarked, “I wouldn’t have sold you life insurance in January!” Point taken.  It was a rough patch, to be sure. But now… CD-4 count: 400 (the same level as when I was first diagnosed HIV+); up from ...

My journey with AIDS...and more!: Ending the week on a positive note

I checked in with my doctor today to get results from my latest blood tests and the news was all good! CD-4: 310 (up from January) viral load: undetectable Hemoglobin A1c: .063 Weight: 144 lbs. So I’m good again until June, by which time I’ll have had some more routine, albeit neglected, age-related tests done.