Why I Run

When Redford’s Conservatives cut persons with developmental disabilities programs, I can only look on aghast as funding for my three handicapped siblings is cut. When Redford guts palliative care nurses I can only remember caring for my grandmother, an ex-nurse who spent more than 40 years in the profession, who died last year vowing never to live in ... Vincent Endorses Graeme Maitland’s Run for AYL President

Vincent St. Pierre, Canada’s #1 Political Blogger and Alberta Young Liberal, has endorsed Graeme Maitland in his run for President of the Alberta Young Liberals. See Vincent’s endorsement below. “My name is Vincent St. Pierre. And I am proud to endorse Graeme Maitland for AYL president. His work as a young liberal in Calgary-Klein, efforts ... That one Liberal leadership candidate you haven’t heard of yet and probably should –

His name is George Takach. He’s in the second tier of fundraisers — along with front runners Martha Hall Findlay and Marc Garneau – and is making inroads into the party faithful and the web-aware around Canada. Just recently he finished an Ask Me Anything question and answer session on the political subreddit ‘Canada Politics’ where ...