Canadian Progressive World: Canada lost 30 400 jobs in July & apologists blame the global economy

This is the kind of news Stephen Harper and the Conservatives would wish you didn’t hear. That’s because it debunks the self-made myth that they’re competent economic managers. They want us to believe that Canada survived the recent global recession better than most countries because of them. And, they’re rapidly anti-evidence.  Anti-statistics. Well, out is ...

Excited Delirium: London Should Have More 50% Off Days

50% off wages? How about 50% off everything? Yeehaw!

Excited Delirium: Davos 2012: You’ve Been Warned

What outcome will the economic leaders agree on when they meet in Davos in 2012? Expect less.

Excited Delirium: A Brief History of Plutocracy

Plutocracy has always been around us. So what’s a reasonable substitute?

Excited Delirium: Global Research ’2011 Year of the Dupe’: An Awesome Read

Read ‘2011 Year of the Dupe’ by Global Research. You’ll enjoy it and appreciate some truth for a change.

Excited Delirium: Where Did the Fed Get $7.7 Trillion?

The Fed in the US as explained by Dennis Kucinich.

Excited Delirium: Economics, Media and Mass Manipulation

Change is inevitable when the cards are stacked against so many people.

Excited Delirium: Occupy Santa Claus?

Is there room for the #occupy message via Santa Claus Parades?

Excited Delirium: US to Backstop $75 TRILLION in Derivatives Risk?

Just as #occupywallstreet picks up steam, it looks like the US Federal Reserve will backstop (ie. insure against risk or exposure) the massive $75 TRILLION of notional derivatives carried by the Bank of America. What this means is that when Europe finally implodes and banks fail, U.S. taxpayers will hold the bag for trillions in ...

Politics and Entertainment: Global News | Interactive map: ‘Occupy Wall Street’ events taking place across Canada on Saturday

Global News | Interactive map: ‘Occupy Wall Street’ events taking place across Canada on Saturday “Occupy Wall Street” events across Canada are continuing the movement that began with a small group of people in New York City weeks ago. “Occupy” events have since spread beyond Wall Street to cities across the U.S. and international borders. ...

Excited Delirium: 70% Agree: Occupy Wall Street Reflects Their Concerns About Corporate Greed

A FOX poll (yes, FOX) reflects what we’re all thinking: it’s time for corporations to pony up.

Excited Delirium: Chris Hedges vs Kevin O’Leary

A debate with Kevin O’Leary and Chris Hedges exposes the depth of hypocrisy that O’Leary exudes.

Excited Delirium: #occupywallstreet grows while MSM misses the message

Why is mainstream media ignoring the #OccupyWallStreet protests?

The irony of greed: The end game for Neoliberalism?

The global economy is in the toilet and the Boomers’ representatives are chanting: “flush, flush, flush.”  Me? I am eating cigarettes and wine while admiring the remarkable consistency in the myopia of all of it. In the name of fiscal … Continue reading →

RedBedHead: China & Canada: It Was Never About Human Rights

There’s much foofaraw in the media about the visit by Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird to China. Are we now neglecting human rights in the interests of profit? Have we stopped supporting liberation struggles, like those of Tibet? NDP Foreign Affairs critic Paul Dewar suggested that the Tories lacked “coherence” in their policy, focusing now ...

Excited Delirium: New Market Models

As the US prepares to default on its debt, the resulting economic spiral will punish a lot of people. We need to start thinking about how we can avoid this and take matters into our own hands.

A rotting fruit that does not give vent to its own demand?

Given we seem to be stuck in fairly heady economic times it seems worthwhile to me to put out another post on the subject of employment, labour force growth and unemployment. In this post I am going to revisit the … Continue reading →

RedBedHead: The Return Of Stagflation?

Those of us around in the 1970s will remember the term stagflation – a combination of economic stagnation and inflation that created a conundrum for bourgeois economists: do you move to rein in inflation by tightening credit and imposing wage and price controls – or do you seek to boost economic growth by loosening credit ...