Nunc Scio: Track of the Day: Judas Priest “Nightcrawler”

Chosen becuase a) It shows how a spoken-word bridge should be done, and b) how to come out of that bridge.

Nunc Scio: Track of the Day: The Hold Steady “Constructive Summer”

It may be hot today in Toronto, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something with it. The Hold Steady understands.

Nunc Scio: Track of the Day: Careers in Science “Suri Cruise-Missile”

To the surprise of exactly no one, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have decided to end their marriage. Normally, I wouldn’t care about this, but it does give me a chance to post a song by a Toronto Hardcore band that I have been enjoying for the past few weeks. So please, enjoy Careers in ...

Nunc Scio: Track of the Day: Turisas “Broadsword”

Why? Because Turisas is a Finnish folk-metal band that dresses like a bunch of post-apocalytpic Braveheart clones: And they are covering a tune originally by Jethro Tull, who dressed like a bunch of deranged medieval jesters with a thing for flutes and prog-rock: For some reason, this all works for me. You can listen to ...

Nunc Scio: Track of the Day: Ty Segall Band “I Bought My Eyes”

If you think your summer needs a bit more fuzzed-out, pile-driver garage rock, then friend, have I got an album for you. Ty Segall’s latest album (out today) is like a giant chainsaw annihilating a forest, as heard from inside a scary cave. Here’s one of the standout tracks, “I Bought My Eyes”. For the ...