BigCityLib Strikes Back: The Media Should Be Talking About This

It was in Frank, apparently the one day last month when I was not on the Internet.  It’s seedy, a sex scandal, although everything between the two parties appears to have been consensual.  And the Minister is a “nice guy”, and anyway it turns out he’s leaving politics.  For the time being. Nevertheless, it seems ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Rhyme Of The Duffster

Let’s hear it for Senator Duff/Whose salary wasn’t enuff/He took 90 grand/And when caught redhanded/Just grabbed 90 more from the trough— Trevor Strong (@Trevstrong) May 15, 2013

BigCityLib Strikes Back: In Ottawa

…something is clearly afoot.  BAH HAH!  But seriously folks, this sounds like the CPoC might be in dutch with the alleged Mafia.