Alberta Diary: Alternate Universe: 2012 effort to merge Alberta NDP and Liberals may have come closer than we thought

A poster we won’t be seeing any time soon! Below: Liberals Kent Hehr and Corey Hogan. An effort to meld the Alberta New Democrats and the province’s Liberals into a single party may have come closer than many of us imagined in 2012, indeed it was “mind bogglingly close” one of the insiders from the ... - Alberta politics: News from parties not named PC or Wildrose

TweetWith Alberta’s daily political scene dominated by the loud and partisan voices of the governing Progressive Conservatives and the official opposition Wildrose, it has become easy to miss what is happening in Alberta’s other political parties. Here is a quick look at some news from the other parties represented in the Legislative Assembly – the Liberals ... - Alberta politics: Rogue party activists to discuss ‘collaboration, and cooperation.’

TweetThe latest episode of Alberta’s ongoing “cooperation on the centre-left” saga will continue on January 23, when rogue activists from the Liberalberta Party, the New Democratic Party, and the Alberta Party will host a “Soapbox, Suds, and Wings” night in Edmonton. The event, which is being organized by Edmonton-Mill Creek NDP president Stephen Anderson, Alberta ... - Alberta politics: Scandal, controversy, and electoral fortunes? What does 2013 hold for Alberta politics?

TweetWhat does 2013 hold for Alberta’s political leaders? Do their performances in 2012 shed any light on how the next year will play out? Saved from defeat by controversial comments made by social conservative elements of the Wildrose Party, Premier Alison Redford led the Progressive Conservative Party to its 12th consecutive electoral victory since 1971. ...

Alberta Diary: Attack on Kent Hehr highlights deepening fissures in Alberta Liberal ranks

Calgary-Buffalo MLA Kent Hehr with a crowd of Liberalberta supporters in the background. (Bad joke. I apologize.) Below: Alberta Liberal Leader Raj Sherman. An angry and public attack last week on Liberal MLA Kent Hehr by Alberta Liberal Party President Todd Van Vliet suggests the party’s caucus is splintering under the leadership of former Progressive ...

In This Corner: Alberta Liberals, as always, their own worst enemy.

There’s more a-feudin’ and a-fussin’ in the Alberta Liberal ranks. Here’s the background. Calgary MLA Kent Hehr posted a blog last week calling for the so-called ‘progressive’ parties (that would be the Liberals, the NDP, and I assume whatever is left of the Alberta Party) to unite as a single party. (The posting is at ... - Alberta politics: Liberalberta Party president attacks Alberta Liberal MLA in worst news release ever.

TweetI really cannot improve on this media release sent today from Liberalberta Party president Todd Van Vliet, so I have posted it in its entirety. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A response from Alberta Liberal Party President, Todd Van Vliet, regarding merger (EDMONTON, AB) A merger of the Alberta Liberals and the NDP? Won’t happen. Why not? Because ... - Alberta politics blog: alberta liberals hire new brunswick resident as new executive director.

TweetThe Alberta Liberals quietly announced on their website this week that New Brunswick-based writer and consultant Gerald McEachern would take over as the party’s executive director on September 4. Following the Liberal Party’s disastrous showing in the May 2012 election, the position had been filled on a temporary basis by strategist and former candidate Alex ...