BigCityLib Strikes Back: On Adele: A Brief Note

Finally connected that singer called “Adele” with an actual tune, on a radio station I wouldn’t normally listen to.  Gawd she sucks.  The Youth Of Today…The YOTS…The Millennials…listen to royally shitty music.  Its like they took every electric guitar that ever existed and buried them in a field somewhere and replaced them  with a lot ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Titus Andronicus Is Back

This one should be a mega hit:And this one, combined with one above, makes me think there might be a bit of drug-type influence on the album. Still pretty good, though.  But  Patrick Stickles is the best candidate for boy genius out there these days.  Stay well , kid.  The world needs you.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Rock & Roll & Tinnitus

A couple of years ago I began to experience a persistent dizziness, as though I were walking down a floating pier that rocked up and down with the waves.  I visited my doctor, and he sent me to a specialist, and he  told me to lay off the salt.  I did, and the feeling has ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: New Titus Andronicus

The latest from my favorite “art punk” band:…sounding quite Clash-like.  Older stuff here.

bastard.logic: All the girls at this party are into drama and Ginsberg and lemon lime Bacardi

In lieu of substantive new content (busy busy bastard, etc), here is matttbastard’s top-ten-of-the-moment list, culled from my ever-expanding Bandcamp Discoveries board on Pinterest (yes, Pinterest — shaddap): 1. Hookworms – ‘Form & Function’ (forthcoming limited edition split 7″ w/ Kogumaza on Gringo Records, released 05.28.2012) – Overflowing with naked swagger & ragged analog glory, ...