Politics and its Discontents: Kelie Leitch – Savant Extraodinaire

I see that Kellie Leitch has officially launched her leadership campaign: As the campaign heats up, she can expect more of this: And if that doesn’t sate your appetite for this strange lady who would lead the CPC through bigotry and xenophobia, try this from Frank Magazine. Recommend this Post

Politics and its Discontents: Putting Things Into Perspective

The bigoted backlash against Muslims in light of the recent ISIS attacks is given short shrift by This Hour Has 22 Minutes: Should the time come when we no longer have a sense of humour, we will know that the terrorists have won. Recommend this Post

Cowichan Conversations: This Hour Has 22 Minutes—Mulcair Interviews Mulcair

Talk about a setup! I mean, I mean, come on eh! I done told ya that them there NDP’ers and Liberals and Greens controlled the media. Well now they are interviewing themselves for Pete’s sake! Read more…

Politics and its Discontents: Looking Back

Although it was made in 2013, the following 22 Minutes’ video has lost none of its relevance: Recommend this Post

Politics and its Discontents: Stephen Harper Is A Real Man

At least someone from this Hour Has 22 Minutes thinks so: Hope Dear Leader appreciates having such unbridled adoration. Recommend this Post

Politics and its Discontents: Mary Walsh Shreds Stephen Harper

Really. Literally. But enquiring Conservative minds (if that is not a contradiction in terms) will want to know if she qualifies as a terrorist under Bill C-51: Recommend this Post

Politics and its Discontents: The Wheels Of The Bus….

have been very busy of late: Recommend this Post

The Ranting Canadian: Parody of the Conservative Economic Ad Scam, by This Hour Has 22…

Parody of the Conservative Economic Ad Scam, by This Hour Has 22 Minutes. The real Economic Action Plan ads and website are pure partisan (and pro-oilsands industry) propaganda, under a thin guise of providing relevant information to the public. The government ad campaign funnels millions of dollars of stimulus funding to advertising companies owned and ...

LeDaro: Justin Trudeau’s Speech

22 Minutes of CBC tunes it up. 22 Minutes have done an commendable job. Watch and enjoy.

LeDaro: The NDP leadership debate that many Canadians missed

              CBC: This Hour has 22 Minutes.

Is the CBC ombudsman’s ‘review’ of the Rob Ford/Marg Delahunty kerfuffle politically motivated?

“Eek, it’s a Marg Delahunty. Hi Marg, how’s the kids? Wait you’re asking me questions? 911!!” Something fishy here. The timing, I mean. With QMI’s current witch-hunt on the CBC and all. And do the Conservatives Rob Ford really want this can of worms overturned again? You didn’t come out smelling so good the first time, Rob ...

TO police chief Bill Blair wades in the Rob Ford pool. Muddies the waters.

You have to admire Bill Blair for being a loyal soldier but after the G20 fiasco, does anybody really believe anything Bill Blair says any more? As for the 911 tape being released, I guess with the complaint lodged by the 911 dispatcher, it is inevitable. But at this point it’s best that the tape remain ...

Marg Delahunty as Mary Walsh responds to Rob Ford furor

Looks like Marg was as surprised at Rob Ford’s pearl clutching as we were. Mary relates: Find more videos like this on Zoomers

Toronto mayor changes his name from Rob Fat Fuck Ford to the more elegant Rob Fucking Ford. Comes out long enough from behind his six-year-old daughter’s skirts to abuse 911 dispatchers.

“What? You talkin’ to me?  You callin’ me a ‘fat fuck’? I’m Rob Fucking Ford, bitches!” The more this story grows, the more it sheds true light on Toronto’s abusive, porcine mayor. For all the typical Ford blowhardship and cowardice, Rob Ford is just another Conservative in wolf’s clothing. He’s not a very nice man, ...

Geri Hall: "I’m going to change the word ‘bitch’ to ‘blatch’. Christie! Stop being such a blatch."

“Quit all the blatching before someone blatch slaps it out of you.” Hilarious video from This Hour Has 22 Minutes. (I’ll embed when I figure out how.)

Harper Valley: Iggy on the Fun Bus

While federal liberal leader, Michael Ignatieff rides the campaign bus around the country, the Conservatives have launched a series of Anti-Iggy tv ads.  The thing is, they’re funny!!! But it shouldn’t ruffle Iggy’s feathers, as his oft seen appearances on CBC’s “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” place him in self depracating comedic roles….you gotta hand ...