Montreal Simon: The Office of Religious Freedom is Finally Buried

Well it took a while, and as you can see the Cons weren't happy about it.But the Trudeau government has finally buried the so-called Office of Religious Freedom.Read more »

Politics and its Discontents: Mandatory Church Attendance?

I’m sorry. As Johnny Carson used to say, “I do not make these things up, folks, I merely report them.” Perhaps Americans have far more in common with that theocracy in Iran than they realize? Recommend this Post

The Disaffected Lib: The Christian States of America?

What if America became a theocracy?  Apparently a survey of Republicans found 57 per cent in favour of making Christianity the official religion of the United States. Younger Republicans in the 18 – 45 age group were more favorable to the idea, with 63 percent of that cohort affirming that Christianity should be our national ...

Trashy's World: If the GOP and The Chair…

… do the next to impossible and beat President Obama, I will be curious to see the US to Canada emigration data about 12 months later. I wonder if the Harperites have thought of this? Millions of Democrats and other progressives trying to escape an emerging theocracy… should they be granted political asylum? How about ...

LeDaro: Meet Ayatollah Rick Santorum

He is a dedicated man to God and wants to establish theocracy in the United States of America.