Montreal Simon: Ezra Levant’s Grotesque International Embarrassment

For years Ezra Levant has disgraced himself, and disgusted decent people all over Canada, with his ugly professional bigotry, and his total lack of class.Or the way he begs for money all the time, like a screaming beggar.But now Levant and his hate mongering rag The Rebel have finally hit rock bottom. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Ezra Levant, Kellie Leitch, and the Rebel’s Fake News Problem

As you know, the time I checked to see what Ezra Levant was up to, he was blushing with pride after being called a "true Canadian patriot" by Nick Kouvalis, Kellie Leitch's campaign manager.And of course furiously begging for money, as he does every day of the year, after losing a costly appeal. Well now it ...