cmkl: Fake news on Facebook: what they could do to fix the dust cloud of misinformation

Fake news played a pretty significant role in influencing opinion on the recent US election, which, I note, has not gone unnoticed here in Canada. The Guardian had an interesting piece about the preponderance of lies that got circulated and re-circulated amongst both Clinton and Trump supporters. Although it notes that the Trump camp was ...

cmkl: My girl learns code

Few things in life give me more joy than walking down the street, hand in hand with my daughter. One of them, which I experienced for the first time today, is walking down the street, hand in hand with my daughter, talking about building websites. At Irene’s suggestion, I checked out Girls Learning Code Day ...

cmkl: Numbers or it didn’t happen: measuring success on the internet

Live tweets plus deck from a 90 minute presentation I gave to union communicators at the Canadian Association of Labour Media conference in Victoria June 18-20. [View the story “Numbers or it didn’t happen: measuring success on the internet” on Storify]

cmkl: The Toronto Star is dropping their paywall

Ah ha. Told you so. In a medium where ubiquity is authority and authority is viewership, paywalls were never going to work. A pre-internet business model applied, unmodified to completely different media. See Note to Readers: Star to end paid digital subscriptions on April 1 | Toronto Star. I have a longer post in draft ...

cmkl: Stop talking to me about ‘launch’

This still happens. Some big content production – often a video, but also a text report or research piece – is ready to go and the powers-that-be want to make a big splash with it to ensure it gets the attention it so richly deserves. So they start planning a ‘launch’. And then they say ...

Dead Wild Roses: People are the Weakest Link – Security Camera Madness.

Ask any IT professional about security and you can almost always prepare yourself for a story or three about people using strongly encrypted passwords such as ‘password’ or ‘admin’.  Or if it is a particularly good day, helping people understand that encrypted functions exist…  Here is story from about how fallible people actually are ...

cmkl: My credit card got hacked. There is an upside

The issuing bank, which sent me an email alert today, presumably as weird charges started showing up, very kindly went over my current charges and I got a chance to dispute all the weird ones. I hope I got them all. So as of now, my card number is no good and I cannot log ...

cmkl: Ads vs organizing: it’s the wrong debate at the CLC convention

There’s a debate raging at the CLC now about whether the Congress should levy more money from its members (to the tune of $22 million) to fund a paid publicity campaign to improve the image of the labour movement in the eyes of TV viewers.

cmkl: Death to slogans

The title of this post is, in fact, a slogan. But I’m thinking slogans are verbal dead weight in the internet era. What harm would it do us to just cut them all out and put content up front?

cmkl: Is Heartbleed really as bad as all that?

Okay so there is a vulnerability in OpenSSL. And that’s bad. But the extent of alarmist rubbish out there about it is making me bonkers. This Globe piece is not the worst. But here’s a thought for you. Vulnerabilities are discovered in software all the time. There’s a lot of competition between open source authors ...

cmkl: Comment trolls might just be NSA agents

Or CSIS, CSEC or whatever. Glen Greenwald (The Intercept) has this item on some of the Snowden docs which would seem to be a training manual on how to discredit targets online. See How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations. The item stops short of saying that these decks were ...

cmkl: Death to the FAQ: Lisa Marie Martin is totally right

Thanks to Renée Stephen I know I’ve not been suffering alone all these years in my hatred of FAQs. She showed me (via Twitter) this very well put case against having FAQs on websites. Below is the comment I wrote in response.

cmkl: Why we should we post our collective agreements on our websites

I was conferring with comrades from a sibling union this week. They’re going through almost the exact same website re-engineering process I did where I work. It was very therapeutic. I thank them. But we got into what I thought was an old discussion. Turns out it’s not.

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: Why Internet make you dumb

Much of this video’s content is covered in Nicholas Carr’s book, The Shallows, What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains, in detail. Here’s my review of the book: The irony is a spongy wad, so thick the fine edge … Continue reading →

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE: Recovered: Canadian Progressive World Blog

The news is good! I’ve fully restored my blog, Canadian Progressive World, home of the provocative, unapologetic, activism-oriented and globally-conscious Canadian progressive! The blog was hacked Friday night after I published this story linking Enbridge executive J. Richard Bird to the unveiling lucrative Bill C-10 prisons project: “Enbridge executive’s company awarded first crime Bill C-10 ...

cmkl: So I’m looking for a remote backup solution

I thought I had found one with my service provider iWeb but their application only copies whole devices. And I need to exclude some of the directories on my devices. Because I don’t want to pay for a backup of a backup.

cmkl: Media layoffs: I fear this is going to get worse

Postmedia announced layoffs and reorganization today, as the corporation looks for ways to consolidate its print production processes to stay profitable.

cmkl: Serving mobile members

Today’s workshop was serving mobile members. I gave the same workshop last year but I’ve updated the deck with new numbers, a bit about QR codes.

cmkl: Tomorrow to Hamilton

The Hammer. For the Canadian Association of Labour Media conference. Featuring hours and hours of cutting edge workshops on communications new and old for union communicators. Including yours truly talking about content strategy for unions and serving mobile members.

cmkl: Virtual private server, shared hosting or dedicated what sort of web hosting do I need?

Really the question is how much are you paying now and how much can you afford to pay? Though generally speaking, for the most part, shared hosting is fine. If you need the more expensive options, you’ll know.

cmkl: Dropping the landline redux

So we now have no landline. There’s a whole mess of places where I have to replace that phone number but never mind. It’ll happen in good time.

cmkl: So we still have a land line

Apparently to turn your phone line into a dry loop, a technician has to actually come to your house. And do what I don’t know. It would have been great if someone like maybe Freenet, had told me that. I missed the date. I just thought it was a switch-over but apparently it was an ...

cmkl: Has the world gotten wierder

…or is it just that the internet shows you all the wierd stuff?

Occupy Ottawa: Conservatives Bill C-30: Upset Canadians #TellVicEverything

This week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Public Safety Minister, Vic Toews, attacked the Internet and Canadians through Bill C-30. He insulted Canadians, and threatened their right to online privacy and a host of individual freedoms. …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Conservatives Bill C-30: Upset Canadians #TellVicEverything

This week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Public Safety Minister Vic Toews attacked the Internet with Bill C-30. And Canadians’ right to online privacy and a host of individual freedoms. But Canadians – and the Internet …Read More