Montreal Simon: Donald Trump and the Maniac Twitler

They don't call Donald Trump Twitler for nothing eh? And yesterday the deranged demagogue's tiny fingers were busy trying to live up to that reputation.By first pecking out this proclamation. In the manner of Big Brother.Before proceeding to ignore his own advice, and attack Saturday Night Live…Read more »

Montreal Simon: Donald Trump and the Birth of the Resistance

I watched the bloated fascist's victory speech, I heard his pathetic plea for unity.Now it’s time for America to bind the wounds of division; have to get together.It’s time. I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all Americans, and this is so important to me.And I almost died. ...

Montreal Simon: The Day Fascism Finally Arrived in America

Well I have to admit that I never thought Americans would be so crazy to vote to bring down their own country.Or that so many were so dumb to believe any of Donald Trump's promises… But I guess they were, and now they've got what they wanted.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Beginning of the End of Donald Trump

When I last left Donald Trump he was crowing about America great again, while seeming to take his orders from Vladimir Putin.But somehow still managing to enjoy a slim lead over Hillary Clinton.But what a difference a week makes. For now I'm in Edinburgh attending the world's largest art festival. And he might as well ...

Montreal Simon: What We Can Learn From the Madness in America

The last thing I wanted to do was write about the violent horror show that is Crazy America.Because I was so traumatized by the Orlando massacre, I've had trouble writing about ANYTHING. But with two more black men being shot dead, for nothing. And after this latest explosion of violence.I feel I need to force myself to say ...

Montreal Simon: Donald Trump and the Rise of the Violent Demagogue

Donald Trump has claimed that he could shoot a person in the middle of a crowded street and his supporters would still vote for him.And despite that statement it seems he's right.But what also seems obvious is that with every passing day he is becoming even more of a dangerous demagogue.And what happened when a ...

Montreal Simon: Sarah Palin and the Con Redneck Road to Ruin

I haven't written a post about Sarah Palin, the redneck from Wasilla, for about eight years. Back when the one they called The Barracuda was running for Vice President of the United States.Back in the days when people were taking her candidacy seriously.And even Maureen Dowd was calling her My Fair Veep.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Big Storm and My American Nightmare

It's been a living nightmare. The dirtiest election I've ever seen.An election corrupted by Big Money, two billion dollars worth of attack ads, and more Big Lies than you can count.A frightening spectacle of a country so bitterly divided, it's eating itself alive.Read more »