PostArctica: Canadian Graffiti

PostArctica: Marguerite Duras – The War, A Memoir

A friend recently told me that he likes to save texts, not quotes but texts, larger pieces, that he finds interesting. I am reading this book and thought this was a powerful passage. It is the end of the Second World War and she is wondering if her husband is still alive, thousands reenter Paris ...

PostArctica: Abandoned Literature – Romeo and Juliet, Finnegans Wake

From my ongoing Abandoned Literature series. Message or email me if you would like a print. If you can’t make out the text in these images (these are small low res versions) here is the first page of Finnegans Wake and here is the excerpt from Romeo and Juliet.

PostArctica: Abandoned Romeo and Juliet

cartoon life: So, how was your day, cat?

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350 or bust: Health Warning Attached To Rio+20 Text: If You Care For The Future Of This Planet, This Document Will Make You Sick

Here in Canada, it’s hard to tell that there is even an Earth Summit happening in Rio De Janeiro at all. A quick scan of the major papers, from one coast to the other, and there is hardly a mention that most world leaders, minus our own prime minister and some other heavy hitters, are ...