Things Are Good: Putting CO2 Emissions on a Map

In the fight to curb CO2 emissions and hold back the rate of increasing climate change, researches have mapped out where the emissions are coming from. Unsurprisingly, they have found that where there is a lot of human activity there are more emissions. This will help convince naysayers and ignoramuses that humans are at fault ...

Dead Wild Roses: 3 Easy Scales – The Science of Temperature

Never say that we don’t promote edumacation around here at DWR.  It’s always important to know when you’re about to expire due to environmental conditions. Filed under: Science Tagged: Happy Science Facts!, Science, Temperature

Dead Wild Roses: Temperature – Do we really feel it?

  Of course not silly, and here is why… 🙂     Notice that unlike religious ‘truths’ we can test this stuff out empirically and thus can ascertain whether it add or subtracts to our understanding of the world around us. Filed under: Science Tagged: Minute Physics, Science, Temperature

Canadian Progressive World: Three Simple Numbers Behind Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math

They are the “numbers that add up to global catastrophe – and that make clear who the real enemy is,” according to Rolling Stone magazine. They bring a frightening reality at a time when, here in Canada, the Conservative Government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper is doing everything to suppress scientific knowledge and environmental groups. ...

Trashy's World: Yes kids…

… that’s an almost 30 degree swing in the temperature in one day… For Americans, that’s about a 53 F swing! Whatta country! Trashy, Ottawa, Ontario