Impolitical: Republicans on the no new taxes road to ruin

The Republican party in the U.S. has taken that road for almost two decades now and our Prime Minister has imported that no new taxes philosophy to Canada. Conservative sycophants all over the country have followed his lead. Yet at years end, take a look at what’s happening in our neighbour to the south. The ...

Excited Delirium: London Should Have More 50% Off Days

50% off wages? How about 50% off everything? Yeehaw!

Excited Delirium: If Davos Isn’t About Capitalism, What’s Stephen Harper All About?

Stephen Harper vs raging grannies. This is what Conservatives and capitalism are all about? Bullies and braggarts?

Excited Delirium: A Brief History of Plutocracy

Plutocracy has always been around us. So what’s a reasonable substitute?

Excited Delirium: Toronto’s ‘Emergency’ Warning

Toronto: it’s time to stand up to Ford’s lies.

Excited Delirium: Where Did the Fed Get $7.7 Trillion?

The Fed in the US as explained by Dennis Kucinich.

Excited Delirium: You Can’t Nationalize Carbon Costs

It’s stupid to think that a carbon tax would have any benefit for our economy or change habits.

Excited Delirium: Economics, Media and Mass Manipulation

Change is inevitable when the cards are stacked against so many people.

Excited Delirium: Tax Changes Worth Considering

Eliminating deductions represent an obvious way to improve public finances without punishing those small companies with new tax increases. This article offers up a few simple ideas related to this topic.

Excited Delirium: Open The Books for Everyone

Here’s a great piece from David Climenhaga contributing to rabble about fiscal openness. While it’s extremely unlikely that the Harperites will follow his advice, I fully agree that now is the time to open all books for any organization that receives (or received) public funds of any kind.  If unions are being wrenched open – ...

Excited Delirium: Make Them Pay

It’s time taxpayers around the globe made a choice to get a basic and reasonable level of tax revenue out of all companies that make a profit.

Excited Delirium: I Want Our $100 Billion BACK!

The Conservatives have been busted for rigging the 2006 election yet we have no way of addressing the problem.