Blunt Objects Blog: On The Rebel’s Lauren Southern getting PO’d

To all progressive, feminist, anti-fascist and otherwise generally sane people who, for some reason, like to feed the trolls:

Stop feeding the trolls. Seriously.

First off, really? What possibly compels you to do such a thing? No winning argument ends with a bottle of urine dumped on someone’s head. Grow up.

Second, and more importantly, all you accomplished aside from making Southern smell a bit off for a few days is help Ezra Levant pay his lackeys. The Rebel is going to fundraise off of this so hard, and you’ve guaranteed they’ll send Southern out to do more confrontations like this in the hopes of more bodily fluids being thrown.

That’s how they operate, they want to be seen as victims of the “regressive left” or whatever. The entire raison-d’étre of The Rebel is to propel forward the victimhood narrative for whites, men, the rich, and any other privileged group in the country – and throwing urine on one of its reporters is only helping them do so.

Listen, it’s hard not to react to some one like Southern, who is aggressive and offensive but also well-versed in the subject matter. Everyone has that person who gets under your skin and you just want to lash out at – but, you know, we don’t because we know it just helps their cause.

But you know how to get back at them? Just ignore them, seriously. Ignore Levant. Ignore Southern. Ignore the whole pack of Rebel trolls. Let them stew in their hate-filled world, it’s of no concern if they wish to. They are so far outside of mainstream opinion and cater to such a niche and irrelevant audience that in a few years we’ll wonder what happened to the site and these, uh, “wonderful” personalities.

Unless, of course, you propel them into the national media by pouring a bottle of piss over a reporter’s head.

Leave the trolls under the bridge and be done. Or at least refuse to pay their toll, if you can’t avoid confrontation altogether. There is no need to further pack The Rebel’s coffers with stupid stunts.

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Left Over: Molehill Revisited….

Manitoba deputy premier sorry for ‘white people’ remark Premier used phrase ‘do-good white people’ to describe women’s shelter in Winnipeg CBC News Posted: Aug 23, 2013 12:21 PM CT Last Updated: Aug 23, 2013 5:23 PM CT     Well it does suck that a scantily-clothed group/person  would be raising

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The Happy Wanderer: Charest Will Win

I’m calling it right now. A Liberal minority government. Polls show that the PQ is leading right now with the support of those alienated by Charest’s stance on education and their view of him being corrupt. But, I think that when time comes to vote, a significant portion of the PQ support will simply go with what they know best: the Liberals. They will reason that the tuition increases were not all that bad and that Charest didn’t do all too bad on corruption. Besides, the PQ wants a referendum and when time comes to actually take action and vote, they will not support the PQ.

And what about the CAQ? Why won’t Quebecers vote for Francois Legault’s party? Because, so far the party has not proven to be a serious choice. They seem like disorganised buffoons. Charest is just feeding off this. And so, Charest will win the same way Harper did: by making sure that only the Liberals seem in control of the situation while the other parties blow themselves up.

Charest had a field day with this, saying: “If I understand it correctly, François Legault will run the Twitter account and organize cocktail fundraisers, while Jacques Duchesneau will run the rest of the government.” Marois also pounced, accusing the CAQ of “improvisation” and calling them “amateurish.” In other words, not ready to govern.

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Blunt Objects: What Does it Mean!?

It means nothing. It’s a poll, one of many, that shows the NDP leading the Conservatives as the Cons deal with a month of bad news (F35s, economy, robocalls, you name it). Some people like to attribute it to the “growth” of higher thinking among the population, the new “movement

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