Dead Wild Roses: Responses to Street Harassment – Informal, yet still Infuriating Poll

I know which minor superpower I’d like to have, I’d like the ability to switch minds of other people, or increase the amount of empathy others feel toward each other.  So much of the problem (other than the dudely shit-stains that actually harass women) is that people just can’t relate or believe women when they ...

Dead Wild Roses: DWR Feminist Quote of the Day – Role Reversal in Street Harassment – Mary Anne Franks

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Dead Wild Roses: The Secret Weapon Against Catcalling – The White Garbage Bag

Well let’s file this under practical and useful tips for the ladies…   Of course, as you can see in the video, even dressing in a a garbage bag is no guarantee that you won’t be harassed.   Filed under: Feminism Tagged: Feminism, Street Harassment

Dead Wild Roses: FHRITP! – Stay Classy Calgary Flames Fans – Example #2387461278 of #NotAllMen..

I’m curious as to how many times we need to see incidents like this.  Misogyny via the expression of normative patriarchal values at it very finest in dear old Cowtown.  Go take a look at the clip from CBC Calgary with reporter Meghan Grant. “FHRITP — or f–k her right in the p—y — is a phrase ...

Dead Wild Roses: Catcalling, and Payback.

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Dead Wild Roses: Street Harassment – Whistling at your Mother.

Watch dudes flail and fail as they are caught treating women like objects instead of people. Filed under: Feminism Tagged: Feminism, Lima, Street Harassment

Dead Wild Roses: Street Harassment – Shut Down the Dude in You

From the tumblr: But What Was She Wearing?   Anon:  “There is a difference between cat calling and complimenting someone. Some of these ladies have experienced true cat calling and some have merely been complimented and instead of saying thank you or flashing a brief smile, they chose to be rude and take it offensively. ...

Dead Wild Roses: 10 Hours of Walking in NYC – Street Harassement! Misogyny! Lewis’ Law!

Why hello there gentle readers (and a big thanks to John Zande for bringing this video to my attention).  Today were going to look at one of the fundamental differences between the lived experiences of men and women in public.   We’re also going to look at some of the horrible things misogynistic, entitled men say ...

Dead Wild Roses: Street Harassment – Because the Lived Experience of Being Female in Public is Different

Part of the reason why feminist analysis is such a valuable tool is that FA deconstructs and identifies the constructed norms of society and rightly points out how craptacular said norms are for women. So, dudes, a glimpse into the faux-egalitarian society you’ve created and learn the implied lesson of “don’t be that guy” – ...

Dead Wild Roses: Sidewalk Harassment I Can Get Behind

Yes, I know I am doing a candy bar a favour. Ignore the advert bits at the end and imagine a world where it was like this all the time. Filed under: Feminism Tagged: Feminism, Street Harassment, The Way it Should Be

Dead Wild Roses: One Step too Far…

We still have far to go as civilization, when half the population is subject to shite like this. Filed under: Education, Feminism Tagged: Equality, Feminism, Privileged White Dudes, Rape Culture, Street Harassment