Huffington Post: Canada creating secret ‘insider group’ of lobbyists through TPP

The government has mistakenly sent us at OpenMedia a non-disclosure agreement intended for lobbyists involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This is confirmation that this secretive and extreme agreement is being put in place on behalf of bureaucrats, not citizens. We’re on the ground at the ongoing TPP negotiations, set to read out your comments to ... Thanks for asking us anything!

What do you get when you round up an enthusiastic group of digital rights experts, online innovators and advocates of Net Freedom – all with the purpose of taking any and all questions from members of the Internet community? If yesterday’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit is to be any indication, this arrangement of ... Michael Geist: TPP copyright laws could dismantle Canadian content

While Canada has been formally included as a negotiating party in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, more information from secretive texts and clauses is beginning to surface. We’ve talked about how the TPP will restrict Internet access, criminalize and fine your actions online and collect your private data – but now it’s been suggested that ... We’re hosting a Reddit AMA – join us!

We’re on Reddit today from 9AM – 7PM EST talking about Internet freedom, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and what comes next for our campaign. Throughout the day, we’ll be joined by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, Professor Michael Geist and various digital rights experts from Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Knowledge, InternetNZ, Electronic Frontiers Australia, Public Citizen ... Green Party endorses Internet freedom

As a post-partisan organization, we celebrate when any of our political parties take action to stand up for Internet freedom. The Green Parties of Canada, New Zealand and Australia are uniting in speaking out against the restricting Internet provisions within the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. It’s a statement that we hope to see become a ...