The Globe and Mail: Bell submits new takeover bid

Bell is attempting to repackage its $3.38-billion takeover of Astral Media to decision-makers at the CRTC. This Big Telecom power-grab would lead to higher vertical integration, less market choice and increased costs to Canadians. Let’s ensure that our voices are heard once more. Speak out against Bell’s tightening grip over Canadian communications by telling the ... The Globe and Mail: With Astral on the ropes, Bell takes on Canadians

After speaking out against Bell’s $3.4-billion takeover of Astral Media, the CRTC made a decision to listen to Canadians and block the Big Telecom expansion of power. Naturally, Bell hasn’t been so easy to give up on its power-grab – instead now taking on Canadians and the CRTC. We need to stand by the CRTC ... Knocking down the Bell tower: How Canadians helped in stopping Big Telecom’s takeover

As part of a larger campaign to spread awareness about communications issues in Canada, we at have been encouraging students at universities and colleges across Canada to run clubs on their campuses. Previously, our campus club at OpenMedia McGill reported back on their trip to the Bell/Astral hearings in September. Now, they’re sharing ... CRTC’s Bell-Astral Decision Signals Welcome Shift Towards Transparency

Last week, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) ruled against Bell’s proposed $3.4B takeover of Astral Media. Following a very public hearing last month, the Commission announced that Bell had not proven that this deal would benefit the broadcasting system or be in the public interest. We are awaiting the result of two further ... Canadians are taking back the CRTC and our communications

Professor Michael Geist talks about how Canadians are taking back the CRTC and our communications system. For more on the historic UBB campaign click here. Join at To see the full interview, click here. read more Bell’s Takeover Goes to Ottawa?

After losing in it’s battle against Canadians before the CRTC, Bell announced it would try to get parliament to overturn the decision! Bell seemingly just can’t respect the will of citizens in a democracy. Despite Bell’s sour grapes, the federal government has stated that it won’t overturn yesterday’s groundbreaking decision by the CRTC to stop ... Techvibes: CRTC blocks Bell’s $3.4-billion takeover of Astral Media

Because of your support of the campaign, Bell’s takeover of Astral Media has been stopped by the CRTC. Had the deal been approved, Bell would have been given an overwhelming market share of Canada’s communications – effectively allowing them to price-gouge Canadians and restrict access to the open Internet. We’re now taking steps to ... We won.

Because of you, we’ve been heard loud and clear – and Bell’s takeover has been stopped. Read more about the CRTC’s decision in our Press Release. National Post: How Bell’s takeover would result in less competition, higher prices

As broadcast regulators review Bell’s takeover of Astral Media, we’re keeping a close eye on Bell’s increasing vertical integration that would put Canadian pricing and choice at risk. Speak out against Bell’s tightening grip over Canadian communications by telling the CRTC to Article by Chris Peirce for Financial Post Innovation in this digital age ... Bell’s Astral Media takeover threatens Quebec culture

As broadcast regulators review Bell’s $3.4B takeover of Astral Media, we’ve been reviewing how this acquisition would increase telecom prices, saturate Canada’s media channels and severely limit consumer choice. Beyond affecting Canadians on a national level, Bell’s takeover could take away from Francophone cultural identity, to which Astral Media has long been a prominent supporter. ... CRTC exec who spent evening in Bell box operated in ‘grey area’

An ethics expert is questioning the motives of Canada’s broadcast regulators, after it was revealed that the CRTC vice-chairman was a guest in Bell’s corporate suite at a hockey game late last year. With the CRTC currently reviewing their decision of Bell’s takeover of Astral Media, let’s remind them that the best interests of Canadians ... RMR: ‘Swab’ Bell’s takeover of Canadian media

Are you an independent entity or have you become a low-level subsidiary of Bell Media? Rick Mercer helps to show how you can swab the takeover to find out if Bell’s expanding reach has taken its effect. Join our campaign and let your voice be heard. Together, let’s tell our broadcast regulators that the ... CBC News: Yukon phone outage blamed on aging infrastructure

Bell has made it clear that should their takeover of Astral Media go through, they would use ‘tangible benefits’ (an owed tax on the $3.4B purchase) to fund the expansion of their subsidiary Northwestel. Having already received annual CRTC payments of $20M to invest in their aging infrastructure, Bell has been criticized for mismanaging funds ... EFF: How OpenMedia is using the Internet to save the Internet

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement continues to threaten our free speech, Internet privacy and due process. As negotiators behind the TPP continue to hide the text from public eyes, we’ve been taking to the Internet to voice our concerns. With your support, we’re raising awareness of our campaign and pushing for an open ... Online Services are great for Canadians, but threaten Big Telecom

Big telecom companies are feeling the squeeze as online services are offering Canadians alternative, cheaper ways to communicate and get access to diverse media content. These include video services like YouTube, AppleTV, and Netflix, and Internet-based social messaging services. These services provide an easily customizable and far more affordable alternative to content services offered by ... VMedia: What Bell’s takeover means for Canadians

The hearings on Bell’s $3.4-billion takeover of Astral Media has ended, but we need to make sure we keep speaking out as the CRTC makes its decision as to whether or not the deal will be approved. Join our campaign and let your voice be heard in telling our broadcast regulators that Bell’s increasing ... The Globe & Mail: Competition Bureau could step in to stop Bell’s takeover

Canada’s Competition Bureau is keeping a close eye on Bell’s $3.4-billion takeover of Astral Media, saying that it could strike down the deal even if it passes review by broadcast regulators. Of primary concern is Bell’s increasing vertical integration, meaning that it owns both producers of content (networks) and the broadcast infrastructure to deliver it. ... The CRTC made a priority list – We’re checking it twice

The CRTC is making attempts to emphasize affordability, access and a focus on citizen issues with a revised priorities document that was released late last week. By shifting towards an outlook that keeps the best interests of Canadians first and foremost, rather than heeding to corporate industry-defined mandates, the CRTC is recognizing that we should ... Financial Post: Bell’s vertical integration hearings begin

CRTC hearings began this morning on Bell’s proposed $3.4-billion takeover of Astral Media. If the deal is approved, it would greatly increase Bell’s media ownership across Canada’s broadcast spectrum – all at the expense of restricting fair market choice and competition for Canadians. The time to unite and speak out against Bell’s maneuvering is now. ... The Globe & Mail: Bell’s $3.34B takeover will shortchange competition and choice

We’ve seen how Big Telecom has been putting a cap on our data, but now Bell is looking to capitalize on Canadian choice with a $3.34-billion takeover of Astral Media. Should the deal go through, it would provide Bell with a 37.6% stake in Canadian TV viewership and an increased radio spectrum. As the CRTC ... Huffington Post: How Bell’s takeover will worsen Canada’s media concentration

We’ve seen how the Bell/Astral deal is bad for consumer choice before, but a new report is shedding further light on this vertical integration of Canada’s communications. Currently, 81.4% of the value of Canada’s TV distribution market is controlled by companies that also create content, meaning that Big Telecom companies are not only transmitting our ...