It’s Back: How New Legislative Amendments are Bringing Online Spying Bill C-30 Back into Focus

A few months ago Canadians sent a loud, clear message to the Canadian government to This followed the introduction of warrantless Online Spying Bill C-30, a bizarre piece of legislation that would grant ‘authorities’ with unrestricted access to Canadians’ private information, leave our personal and financial information less secure, and implement costly spying technology ... Privacy Commissioners Speak out Against Bill C-30

Last week, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police had called on the government to revive the invasive Online Spying Bill C-30 – legislation that would grant them warrantless access into the private data of citizens. Now, three of Canada’s Information and Privacy Commissioners have spoken out in defence of Canadians’ right to privacy online ... Is the Online Spying Bill C-30 gone for good?

A recent article has suggested that with the prolonged Parliamentary absence of Online Spying Bill C-30 – the warrantless legislation that would compromise Canadian Internet security – it could in fact be gone for good. We’re staying vigilant and pushing our government for a definitive promise to all Canadians that these costly and invasive measures ... Online Spying Bill absent from government list of fall priorities

I spy with my little eye something that is missing from the government’s fall calendar. It’s something that’s been highly controversial, would become an invasive measure towards Internet surveillance, and would provide authorities with warrantless access to our private information. Out of guesses? It’s the hotly-contested Bill C-30, otherwise known as the online spying bill, ... EFF: Proponents of Canada’s Online Spying Bill Still Trying to Justify Excessive Powers

A few weeks ago, we shared how Richard Fadden – director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service – had put forth an offer to help justify and tweak the Online Spying Bill (C-30) to make it more ‘palatable’ to the Canadian public. This proposed alliance between Toews and CSIS was met with a resounding disapproval ...

Excited Delirium: Why Vic Toews Laws are Worse Than Gun Laws

Stephen Harper’s Spying Laws will collect way more info than the Gun Registry ever did. And on ALL Canadians (not just the gun nuts).