Excited Delirium: Last Night’s Debate Winner: Mainstream Media & Corporate Canada

The only true winner in last night’s debate were mainstream media and corporate Canada. Canadians lost.

Excited Delirium: When Will Stephen Harper Take Credit for Cheap Gas?

Even though Stephen Harper is rarely responsible for anything bad, it’s just a matter of time before he takes credit for falling prices at the gas pumps. Just wait … it’ll happen.

Excited Delirium: A Balanced Budget Isn’t A ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ Thing

Fiscal management isn’t a ‘left’ ‘right’ issue. It’s good housekeeping that anyone can organize. It’s the priorities that are different and ultimately set the parties apart. By their record, the Conservatives are the worst when it comes to financial management.

Excited Delirium: Stephen Harper Has Offered the Opposite of Good Economic Management

Because of his reliance on oil, Stephen Harper has been a very poor manager of Canada’s economy. Exchange rate volatility, job losses and other factors point to this conclusion.

Excited Delirium: On Harper’s War on (the Wrong) Drugs

Prescription drugs are the REAL drug problem in Canada. Stephen Harper won’t accept this because drug companies help keep him in power.

Excited Delirium: Electioneering and the Upcoming Media War on the Opposition

I believe that Stephen Harper is going to act on something tomorrow that he’s been aware of and planning for a very long time: the actual 2015 election date. The results will shock Canadians.

Excited Delirium: Harper: Worst PM in Canadian History

The National Observer is bold enough to tell it like it is when it comes to Stephen Harper. Will we see similar reviews from other media companies. Swift response: NO. I explain the media war that Stephen Harper is waging against Canada.

Excited Delirium: Stephen Harper Declares War on Canada?

Why is Stephen Harper pushing Canada in the wrong direction when it come to Middle Eastern policy?

The Scott Ross: Liberal Party’s Future, New Apple or Old Microsoft

Tablet computers have been around for years, but it took Steve Jobs to make them popular. Though the Liberal Party has been around longer than any tablet computer, it shares more than a few similarities with the now ubiquitous device. The Liberal Party has strong fundamentals and viable market share in a competitive industry, but ...

Excited Delirium: Austerity: The High Cost of Tax Cuts

Austerity is a most vile concept, particularly when you think of just how rich Canada is.

Excited Delirium: Canada: Wake Up to Rampant Conservative Election Fraud

Elizabeth May elaborates on the many accounts of fraud committed by the Conservatives. We need to demand action now.

Excited Delirium: Fone Fraud: The Solution

The solution to robo-calling and the ‘fone fraud fiasco’ is simple: permission.

Excited Delirium: Understanding the Current Canadian Political Situation

So much is going on in the Canadian political landscape, I really didn’t know where to start. That said, this article tries to cover a lot of the problems that are emerging as a result of treating Canadian voters like commodities to be traded and bought (or suppressed) using modern direct marketing and database mining ...

Excited Delirium: FoneFraud: Stephen Harper vs Erin Brockovich

How closely does the Fone Fraud Fiasco emulate the movie Erin Brockovich? More than you think!

Excited Delirium: “Fone Fraud Fiasco” Finalizes Federal Fate

Will Canadians finally get our country back now that the lid has come off the Fone Fraud Fiasco? Will Stephen Harper finally accept responsibility for what is happening?

Excited Delirium: Stephen Harper, Fascist?

Is Stephen Harper a Fascist? You take the survey and judge for yourself.

Excited Delirium: May 2011 Federal Election Cheaters? I Want A Re-Call.

I want a recall of the May 2011 Federal Election and I want the UN to supervise election activity when we finally get a chance to go to the polls again (assuming we do).