Dead Wild Roses: A Downside to Urban Living – Not Seeing Stuff Like This…

“The vertical panoramic view follows our magnificent Milky Way galaxy stretching above horizon, its rich central starfields cut by obscuring dust clouds. A glance along the galactic plane also reveals Alpha and Beta Centauri and the stars of the Southern Cross. Captured in the region’s spectacular, dark skies, the Small Magellanic Cloud, satellite of the ...

Dead Wild Roses: Minute Physics – Why are Stars Star Shaped?

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cartoon life: Another starry night

I seem to be on a bit of a theme with this dark sky stuff right now. Interesting. Filed under: art Tagged: night, stars

Walking Turcot Yards: Stars

See that picture up top? That’s our waterfront, at least after they mandated the boat clubs to get rid of their shacks and put up those little lockers. It used to be quite the place down there. We’d get totally drunk and stoned just a little ways past the old folks home which would be ...

cartoon life: The Universe is full of stars

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cartoon life: Cat and Moon

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cartoon life: Kitten on top of the world

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Art Threat: The Hole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

The Hole Truth comes in two parts: altered US flags and drawings on vintage police shooting targets. In order to create his first show at envoy enterprises, German-born, New-York based artist Brian Kenny created a series with the Hole Truth that reconstructs iconic objects in his effort to reflect on what it means to be ...

The Scott Ross: Symbolizing The Maple Leaf

Canada is the maple leaf, the United States of America is the stars, one is modest and pragmatic, the other is idealized and constant. National symbols are chosen to represent countries, but somehow countries cannot help but represent their national symbols. For the religious and industrious United States of America there is no better symbol ...

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: Dreamscapes: The Stars Go Out

In the dream, we know something is wrong when I notice the constellations have all disappeared. All that remains in the night sky is the deep black of space, and a few sets of stars — in triplets and doubles, … Continue reading →