PostArctica: Untitled # 319

PostArctica: Walk A Lot, Read A Lot

Taking a break in La Fontaine Park.

PostArctica: More Backlog

Some more pictures from over the last 4 or 5 months. Back of bar Palco who are building a terrasse for summer. Could be a very interesting place! The old Guy Gagnon Arena in Verdun  which became the home of The Circus School of Verdun and is being renovated into a kind of cultural centre ...

PostArctica: My Stieglitz Shot

The things we do to get a good picture… One of the first very important figures to passionately endorse photography as an art form was Alfred Stieglitz, perhaps even better known as being for a time the husband of Georgia O’Keefe. Alfred Stieglitz claimed that he stood for 3 hours in a storm on Fifth ... Hello, goodbye

It snowed yesterday: 20 cm. I think we broke the record for the most snow ever on April 6th, which was previously held by 1958. Here are some of the Spring snowmen which sprung briefly to life yesterday: Help me! I’m melting! Zombie Spring Snowman will never die! By the way, I miss you guys. ...

PostArctica: At The River Today

Not much ice left out there, just this weird strip of chunks floating along next to the shore. You could hear it tinkling, like chimes.

PostArctica: Dirt

Have a new album coming out, uh, no, new photo project actually, and this is more motivational (for me) than it is promotional. It might the most radical off the chart thing I have done yet so send me a picture of your dirt and I may incorporate it into an image or two. Thanks!

Dead Wild Roses: In Alberta, some things never change

Somewhat ironic, considering Rachel Notley said “spring is here” last night. Filed under: Canada, History, Humour Tagged: #abvote, Irony, Spring

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Romantic Music Interlude – Grieg, Edvard: Lyric Pieces Book 3 {6. To Spring}

Lyric Pieces (Norwegian: Lyriske stykker) is a collection of 66 short pieces for solo piano written by Edvard Grieg. They were published in 10 volumes, from 1867 (Op. 12) to 1901 (Op. 71). The collection includes several of his best known pieces, such as Wedding Day at Troldhaugen (Bryllupsdag på Troldhaugen), To Spring (Til våren), ...

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Friday Musical Interlude – Spring

Here in Sunny Alberta, our seasons don’t quite match what the calendar might have you believe. So while it may be that it has officially been spring for some time now, the threat of frost up until last week kind of detracted from any sense of rebirth or new life. But this week’s forecast is full ...

PostArctica: Bus Stops – Arena

PostArctica: Bus Stops – Arena

PostArctica: Maple Syrup in Verdun

Met John on Wellington in the late afternoon today at the annual maple syrup party and there is no way you normally see that much snow, ice and slush on the streets this time of year, but heck, it kind of really lays on that “cabane a sucre” atmosphere, right? From what I gathered talking ...

cartoon life: Robin sighting

Robins, #ldnont, Yes I’ve seen Robins — doug rogers (@dougsamu) March 7, 2014 @dougsamu Robins with tiny snowshovels and driving tiny snow plows — doug rogers (@dougsamu) March 7, 2014 Filed under: comment Tagged: robins, snow, spring, Winter

Montreal Simon: The Harperland Spring and the Partisan Nightmare

When I woke up today, the sky was blue, the sun was shining, and for a moment  I thought that Spring had arrived in Harperland. Finally !!!!!But then I stepped outside, realized that it was still horribly cold eh? And my day went rapidly down hill.Before I could even finish my first coffee, it was Sean, my very ...

Dead Wild Roses: Spring – Imagine that.

Oh Spring, you wily devil you, it seemed that you’d taken a pass this year.  Recently with temperatures in the -20 (C) degree range and 23 centimetres of snow, it seemed like you had pulled up your tent stakes and, along with the warmer weather, taken refuge in the warmer southern climes. Ah, lovely Edmonton, ...

Those Emergency Blues: Favourite Poems LVI: Three Short Poems on Spring

Song on a May Morning Now the bright morning-star, Day’s harbinger, Comes dancing from the East, and leads with her The flowery May, who from her green lap throws The yellow cowslip and the pale primrose. Hail, bounteous May, that dost inspire Mirth, and youth, and warm desire! Woods and groves are of thy dressing; ...

350 or bust: Raised Beds And Riots

Another Monday and my hugelkultur piles aren’t done; in fact they are growing daily;  I didn’t realize they were like rabbits, and would start reproducing at a crazy rate!  As any of you gardeners out there know, when it’s time to get the garden ready, there’s no rest until it’s done. Here in northern Ontario ...

A Novelist's Mind: Lilian Nattel Online: Spring and a Breather

It’s uncanny…I saw crocuses a couple of days ago. In 2008 I kept a daily journal of spring’s coming–it was a typical year–and the crocuses were up on April 10th a full month later. These days are precious, between the sleet of winter and the smog of summer, the sun and clear skies enticing. I’m ...