Writings of J. Todd Ring: Will Ferrell does a mock music video of gangster rap – and it’s a scathingly hilarious critique of the genre

A musical commentary, followed by social and political analysis, followed by hilarious spoof rap videos, and more This is scathingly funny. Will Ferrell does a mock music video of macho gangster rap. Man, how I despise that music. As Rage Against the Machine said, “So-called rap’s a fraud.” Worse, most of it is disgustingly offensive, ...

Melissa Fong: National Anthem: A poem; “Year of reconciliation? Prove it.”

A poem on our state of denial.

Melissa Fong: Adam Faulkner’s, “The Whitest Thing”

I’m so in love with this poem that I want to marry it. You can read a bunch of stuff on Whiteness and even some really simple consumable stuff by […]

Dead Wild Roses: Oh to be a Hipster… Cultural Appropriation.

Kai Davis and Safi Niara – Brave New Voices 2012 – Philadelphia Round Two Your horn-rimmed glasses, Sweater hoodies, Vintage leather oxfords, Authentic woven Guatemalan bookbags, And your crafty, handmade, wooden iPhone cases, Tell me you are none other than a self-affirming, Self-satisfying, Self-righteous, DOUCHE. Dear dirty hipsters, It’s bad enough, I see you every ...