Read Part 1 here I just wanted to update you with this thread of articles that are very illuminating- Please add your thoughts to this conversation- Some of the conversation […]

Melissa Fong: Pointing fingers at Vancouver’s unaffordability problem: Answers & more questions…

Ever since my last post I have received a lot of questions as to why I found it so entertaining- the debate. I was also contacted by dozens- yes, dozens- […]

Melissa Fong: Vancouver “Foreign Buyers”- driving speculation & unaffordability?

I think I discovered the most amazing conversation on Facebook and YOU have to contribute to this debate.  I have thought about this for a long time (thanks to AY […]

Melissa Fong: Housing in Vancouver #VancouverManifesto

I’m going to start a series called “Vancouver Manifesto”. They are going to be my general beliefs about Vancouver city-building. They might be in the form of starting a conversation, answering a question or just a quirky statement from an urbanist. The best housing in #YVR is in S. False Creek/Fairview/MountPleasant-dense, midrise, mix. Limit condos;encourage ... Vincent Visits the Manning Centre

The other day this blogger went to a Manning Centre training seminar on visual communications — on building better looking websites, designing election signs, and creating campaign literature. This is the same Manning Centre that has been in the news recently and been a target of a fair bit of speculation on their efforts. As ...

cartoon life: That Apple TV Thing

Apple TV is going to be apps and interface. We just got a honking huge plasma for Christmas. There is a huge complicated remote. The Smart TV Internet interface sucks. Browsing web pages designed for computers and precision mousing just doesn’t work nudging a cursor with a remote button trying to hit a tiny text ...

DeSmogBlog: Dirty Energy Industry Front Groups Launch Misleading PR Blitz Against President Obama

gas price screenshot.jpg The American Energy Alliance (AEA) isn’t pulling any punches with their new advertising campaign, spending millions of dollars to air 45 million ad spots on Pandora Radio. They are attempting to hang the high cost of gasoline around the neck of President Obama, using a series of arguments that actually have nothing ...

DeSmogBlog: Republican Claims About Gas Prices Demonstrate Lack Of Knowledge About “Free Market”

gas prices.jpg As the national average for gas prices pushes closer and closer towards $4 a gallon, Republicans have wasted no time in attempting to convince the public that President Obama and his “hostility” towards the oil industry is the reason we’re feeling the squeeze at the pump. read more