The Canadian Progressive | News & Analysis: No More Steubenvilles: How To Raise Boys to be Kind Men

What can we do to help young men respect women, recognize consent, and have healthy sexual relationships? Teach them kindness to others—and the courage to go against the crowd. By: Kim Simon | Mama By the Bay When Max was just a few months old, I sat cross-legged on the floor with him […] The post No More ...

THE CAREGIVERS' LIVING ROOM - A Blog by Donna Thomson: Fathers, Sons and the In-Between Spaces of Grief

 I tell our family story to anyone who will listen.  I hope that our story will shift readers’ embedded thoughts and ideas about what it means to be different and to care for a loved one over time.  For me, the most gratifying aspect of writing a book is that parents write to me with ...

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: They say talent skips a generation

Vlastic Tesla was the illegitimate son of Nikola Tesla, inventor of the alternating current system, the induction motor, lightning rods, electro-mechanical oscillators, the Tesla coil, the Bifilar coil, robotics and the electronic logic gate, wireless technology, radio astronomy, the teleforce … Continue reading →

350 or bust: Saturday At The Movies