Scripturient: PE5: Corel’s Wrong Direction

Way back in 1990, a program called Fractal Painter was published by Fractal Design. It offered a “natural media” approach to digital art: mimicking real world art tools and media in the digital environment. You could  – if you had more artistic skills than I – make an image onscreen that looked like it was a photo ...

The Canadian Progressive: Privacy Tools: How to Block Online Tracking

Award-winning investigative journalism site ProPublica showcases effective tools for protecting online privacy through blocking tracking software. The post Privacy Tools: How to Block Online Tracking appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Canadian Progressive: Does Cybercrime Really Cost $1 Trillion?

As the Senate considers a bill to strengthen the nation’s cybersecurity, some questionable numbers keep creeping into the discussion.

cmkl: Topographic Maps Canada – an app that puts all Canada’s topos on your iPhone or iPad

I’m someone who likes to hang out in bars and talk about where to paddle a canoe. It doesn’t happen that often but I’m forever bringing maps along which is fine – because Tyvek is also beer resistant – but inevitably the question is ‘how far is that’ or ‘do you have the map for ...

Progressive Proselytizing: The achingly slow pace of iOS software development

The big news in the tech world yesterday was the launch of Apple’s latest iteration of the iPad. For those of us suffering the quintessential first world problem of being stuck with the hardware of only an iPad2 this means we are left to hope for something exciting on the software side as iOS 5.0 ...