PostArctica: Dying Tree With Storm

Don’t look back.

PostArctica: Waiting

Every season presents a new set of circumstances, a new type of song.

PostArctica: Stormy Today

Was out and about this afternoon. Nature has a way of evening up the score – after a relatively balmy and dry January and February, March so far has provided our coldest temperatures and this could be the biggest snowstorm of the year, Outside the Mount Royal Metro station. Corner of Rivard and Marie Anne. ...

PostArctica: Today on Mount Royal

Unusually mild for today’s date and with a lot of snow and ice on ground level that makes for some perfect fog, especially as you go higher on Mount Royal. How foggy was it? That is Beaver Lake straight ahead. It was quite surreal up there, you could hear people talking on the roads before ...

PostArctica: Almost Done!

Tomorrow is the last day of autumn which means it is also the last day of L’automne (please drop by and like the page if you haven’t already). One of the most interesting experiences of my life has been walking and photographing the Verdun waterfront over the last three months. Tomorrow I take it to ...

PostArctica: Beaver Situation Takes A Turn For The Weird

Was down at the river today just trudging through the lower trail when I spotted some chicken wire fences wrapped around some trees. As I had blogged about a problem with beavers aggressively attacking trees on the Verdun waterfront, I assumed there might be a connection.   So this is all good, except, and I ...

PostArctica: Canadian Graffiti

PostArctica: When Nature Gets Creepy

It is cold and there is enough of a wind to blow some of this tall grass around, occasionally flying into your face. Snow has fallen forcing swaths of it to collapse creating the illusion of these low lying dark spaces where all kinds of horrible troll like creatures may exist, just waiting for you ...

Things Are Good: Using Snow to Cool Buildings in Summer

During winter snow is cleared from the roads and put into massive piles to melt when warmer weather returns. This might seem simple enough, but it’s a big challenge dealing with the snow because of the sheer volume in colder climates like Canada. Researchers in British Columbia are proposing that the snow gets taken to ...

PostArctica: Some I liked

Again, some random shots from recent months… Jeanne Mance street as I still call it. Montreal General, Cedar entrance. Park where Lasalle and Wellington criss cross. Stanley Nelson Jr, Director of, The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution, answers questions via Skype at Concordia Verdun Waterfront, last ice on the Saint Lawrence at dusk

PostArctica: At The River Today

Not much ice left out there, just this weird strip of chunks floating along next to the shore. You could hear it tinkling, like chimes.

PostArctica: Three

LeDaro: First snow

Looks winter is here already.

PostArctica: Verdun Waterfront Today

Didn’t have my camera when when we got hit with sunshine combined with blinding wet snow but got a few of the aftermath.    

Dead Wild Roses: Snow Seasonal Things Considered: Clean Sidewalks

I know what you’re thinking.  “Fascinating subject Arb,  do tell us more!” Okay, perhaps not as gripping the other newsy bits we we have around here but none the less a subject that shouldn’t be casually swept aside.  Living in Alberta means that for three to five months of the year, snow will be on ...

Dead Wild Roses: As Much As I Like Snow…

I think so much at once kinda sucks.  20cm and still accumulating…   The view from my front window. Filed under: personal Tagged: Break it down! Its shovel time!, Edmonton, Snow, Too Much Snow

PostArctica: More Winter

Might as well, storm blowing out there…

cartoon life: Robin sighting

Robins, #ldnont, Yes I’ve seen Robins — doug rogers (@dougsamu) March 7, 2014 @dougsamu Robins with tiny snowshovels and driving tiny snow plows — doug rogers (@dougsamu) March 7, 2014 Filed under: comment Tagged: robins, snow, spring, Winter

PostArctica: Snowfall

Snow is a bitch to get right, be satisfied with…but we go forth anyway despite snowblind and other temporary post processing afflictions..

LeDaro: Dangerous and erratic weather in U.S

Signs of more dangerous storms to come as the effects of climate change become more intense. What will the deniers say now? Global climate change – from human activities – is no longer a prediction… it’s a reality, and it’s getting worse. It is costing governments money as they have to clean up after multiple ...

April Reign: Snowy Afternoon Walking With My Dog

April Reign A few pics and short video showing just how hard it was snowing. Looks lovely and for once wasn’t bitterly cold. April Reign – In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

PostArctica: Bus Stops – Verdun Metro

cartoon life: Cat clouds snow on a landscape

Sometimes a number of things come together in a way to make something you haven’t seen before. Filed under: art Tagged: Cat, clouds, landscape, snow

Things Are Good: Beets for Road Ice Removal

The traditional approach to deicing roads is to cover the roads (and thus the ground around the road) in salt – which is absolutely awful for the environment. Because so many people drive cars the demand for road salt is high and has come to negatively impact local economies and environments. There is a solution ...

Dead Wild Roses: More Edmonton Winter…

That friends, is my garage featuring an intrepid thermometer that is presently losing the legibility battle. Filed under: Housekeeping Tagged: Edmonton Winter, Hanging Snow, My Garage, Snow