Dead Wild Roses: Dog of the Day Pic – Our Good Doge Shadow.

We do love our dog, and so should you. 🙂   Filed under: Cute Tagged: Best dog Evar!, Cute, shadow

Dead Wild Roses: Shadow is a good dog!

When Shadow asks me for something, I’ll often make her earn whatever it is she wants by asking her to sit or lie down or shake a paw. Apparently ‘lie down’ is my favourite, because lately she’ll come boop me with her nose and make want-noises, then immediately lie down while giving her best puppydog ...

Dead Wild Roses: Shadow is a pretty dog!

Arb gave Shadow a bath the other day, and she got all shiny and silky and pretty! She wasn’t sure about this whole “posing for pictures” thing She was much happier once the ordeal was over Filed under: Cute Tagged: Cute, dogblogging, shadow

Dead Wild Roses: Shadow Ruling My Life

My Morning Dog Time That would be my damn dog looking at me quizzically while I snap yet another phone-photo of her cuteness. Filed under: Housekeeping Tagged: dog love, shadow