Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney and Lynton Crosby’s New and Dangerous Wedge Issue

Well don't say I didn't warn you. In one of my last posts I wrote that Jason Kenney would go absolutely wild at the thought that Justin Trudeau was going after the so-called ethnic vote. And yesterday that's exactly what he did,  In a grotesque three-act performance or freak show that began with him trying to smear ...

The Canadian Progressive: Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne Blasts Harper New Anti-prostitution Law

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says Harper’s new anti-prostitution law, Bill C-36, will protect neither exploited sex workers nor communities. The post Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne Blasts Harper New Anti-prostitution Law appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

ParliamANT Hill: Peter MacKayAnt’s justice roundtables didn’t set a place for sex workers

Inspired by this headline:

Montreal Simon: Peter MacKay and the Outrageous Con Assault on the Supreme Court

As you may remember, the last time I wrote about Peter Dumbo MacKay, I thought he was in a gentle but fatal spiral, and heading for the ground, or his resignation, with satisfying speed.After having made a complete sexist fool out of himself. And for having made the Guinness Book of Dubious Records (for the mentally challenged) ...

Bill Longstaff: Legislating morality—the new prostitution law

Ah, yet another step backward into a failed past. I refer, of course, to our favourite government’s new Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, a piece of legislation that criminalizes the purchase of sexual services. To begin with, the bill isn’t even logical. It criminalizes buying sex but not selling it. While claiming that ...

Montreal Simon: The Con Hookers and the War on the Supreme Court

I suppose it's only fitting that it should be Peter MacKay, the one who pimped the Progressive Conservative party to Stephen Harper and his Reform cowboys, who should make the announcement.And that the hooker regime that would do ANYTHING to win or steal an election, should be the one to re-criminalize prostitution. Read more »

Liberals at Queen’s Park betray sex workers on federal appeal legalizing bawdy houses

Many Canadians were jubilant last month when a superior court judge struck down three archaic laws preventing sex workers from protecting themselves by working in a controlled and tax audited environment, i.e. a legal brothel. However, to no one’s surprise, the federal government  decided to appeal the ruling this week and take the contentious issue to the Supreme Court. Now[continue ...