ParliamANT Hill: MusiciAnt keeps rockin’ the ConservAntives’ world

Inspired by this headline:

ParliamANT Hill: MusiciAnt songs banned on radio station

Inspired by this headline:

The Scott Ross: David McGuinty Shows How Canada Is Changing Alberta

With Alberta’s rise, in population and wealth, its power is said to be growing, however seeing the reaction to Liberal MP David McGuinty’s recent comments it appears Ontario’s influence is thicker than even oil. For where Alberta is a province known for hard working people, on the farm, ranch, and oil patch, who aren’t prone ...

The Scott Ross: Politically Correct Alberta Isn’t Alberta

When it comes to women, immigrants, and religion, Alberta isn’t known for its political correctness, but when it comes to Alberta’s oil, that’s a different story. It’s not a slight against Albertans to say for the most part they pride themselves on not being politically correct. Western Canada has been known for its straight-talking and ...

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